Acts 3

The chapter divides into two.

1. The first apostolic miracle Verses 1-11.

2. Peter’s second sermon Verses 12-26.

Verse 1 The hour of prayer. 3 p.m. The hour of the daily burnt offering. The hour Christ died.

Verse 2 The beggar lying at the Beautiful gate (describe).

This gate was gifted by Herod—made of brass—stood 80 feet high and 65 feet broad. It took 20 men to open and close it.

What a contrast—such wealth—such poverty.

Verse 3 Day after day this man begged from those entering the temple.

Verse 4 Peter fixed his eyes on the beggar.

“If we are led by the Spirit, we will fix our eyes on those God intends to bless, instead of firing blank cartridges and beating the air.”

Verses 5-8 The lame man healed.

In the name of Jesus Christ. What does this mean?

There is power in the name of Jesus Christ.

The power of Christ is in His name. (33 times in Acts)

See also Verse 16.

All blessing is found in that Name, and faith releases that power for our benefit.

Notice how faith is exhibited by Peter as well as the lame man. Luke 4 Paralyzed man. “When He saw their faith.”

1. Peter fastened his eyes on him Verse 4.

2. The man gave heed unto Peter Verse 5.

3. Peter had faith in the name and power of the Lord Jesus Verse 6.

4. Peter took him by the right hand.

5. The lame man leapt up.

Then notice his conduct: walking—leaping—praising God.


We are encouraged to ask what we will—in the name of Jesus. John 14:13-14.

We have the assurance of His presence when we meet in His name. Matthew 18:20.

Verses 10-11 The healed man continues to hold Peter and John.

The people gather around in wonder. Describe.

Verse 12 Very quickly Peter turns their attention from themselves to the Lord Jesus. “That in all things He should have the preeminence.” Colossians 1:18.

Verses 13-16 Peter says the source and Author of the miracle is the Lord Jesus.

God has glorified His Son—Resurrection—Ascension.

1. You delivered Him up to the Gentiles for trial Verse 13.

2. You denied Him before Pilate, who desired to let Him go Verse 14.

3. You denied the Holy One and to your shame asked for the release of a murderer Verse 14.

4. You killed the Prince of life Verse 15.

Notice by contrast what God did with Jesus.

1. God raised Him from the dead Verse 15.

2. He has glorified His Son Jesus Verse 13.

Verse 16 And His Name, through faith in His name.

Faith in His name means faith in Christ.

See Verse 12 of Chapter 4.

Verse 17 Through ignorance they crucified Christ.

They did not know that Jesus was God incarnate.

They did not know that Jesus was God’s Son.

This probably accounts for our Lord’s saying on the Cross.

“Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Luke 23:24. See also 1 Timothy 1:12-13.

Verse 18 Shows us as Peter said, that the recent happenings in Jerusalem were the fulfillment of O.T. prophesy.

Verse 19 Peter calls upon these men to repent and to be converted to Christ.

Verse 20 When they repent—future—God will send Jesus again.

Verse 21 When the time is right and God’s purpose have been fulfilled, Christ will come and set up His kingdom. Millennium.

Verse 22 As Moses was the prophet of God for the deliverance of Israel from bondage, so Jesus Christ will be raised up for the establishment of the Kingdom.

Verse 23 During the reign Christ will rule with a rod of iron.

Verse 24 The prophets all spoke of this time.

Verses 25-26 All the blessings of the kingdom were promised, not only to the patriarchs, but to those who believe in Christ.

Peter is urging the nation to repent of the sin of crucifying their Messiah, and to accept Him as Savior and Lord.

Acts 3:1-11

The lame man healed.

This is the first recorded miracle in the church era.

Peter and John went up to the temple to pray at 3:M (the ninth hour).

Deadness of temple ritual.

This was the time of the offering of the daily burn-offering.

The exact time that our Lord died.

Verse 2 The lame man is introduced…he had been lame from his birth.

He was brought by friends and laid at the Beautiful gate of the temple to beg.

This gate was provided by Herod—made of precious Corinthian brass—was 80 feet tall and 65 feet wide—it took 20 men to open and close it. C/e Parable of Good Samaritan—Priest and Levites passed by. All similar healing miracles in the Gospels and Acts imply that physical healing is but an illustration of God’s way in saving a soul.

This present miracle is no exception.

The lame man was helpless—describe.

Compare John 5. The man at the pool of Bethesda.

Apply Ephesians 2. Without God—without hope—without Christ.

Explain Divine love here in contrast to human love.

Now consider the gate…this was the gate into the so called house of God. “Your house is desolate.” Contrast to Christ as “The Door.”

John 9 The blind man (healed) is cast out of the temple, Jesus is waiting…He proclaimed Himself to be “the door.” “I am the door” etc. John 10.

Verse 3 This man needed help—he recognized his need—and asked for help.

This is the first step in the process of salvation.

The Spirit’s work.

Verse 4 Peter said “Gaze intently on us.”

Verse5 “He gave heed unto them expecting to receive.”

This is the second ingredient in the process of salvation. “Faith.”

Give examples of faith Mark 1:40-42, Luke 7:1-10.

Verse 6 Physical healing was to come through Jesus of Nazareth. “Rise up and walk.”

Third and final step.

Verses 7-8 Peter took him by the hand—his strength returned—he sprang to his feet—entered the temple, walking, leaping and praising God.

This man’s “faith” was rewarded. God’s power transformed him.

“New birth.” “If any man be in Christ etc.”

The people saw this and gathered around Peter and John and asked for an explanation.

The rest of the chapter is Peter’s explanation.

Verse 12 Peter declares, “We did not do it”—The God of our Fathers has glorified His Son Jesus.

You killed Him, even when Pilate sought to free Him. God…has raised Him from the dead and glorified Him at His right hand.

Verse 16 “It is through His Name and through faith in His Name that this man has been healed.”

Verse 19 “Repent and be converted that your sins may be blotted out.”

Chapter 4:1 The priests—the military—the Sadducees were annoyed at this furor, so they took them and put them in jail.

The next day they were tried.

Verse 7 By what power, or by what name have you done this?

Peter’s reply Verse 8-12.

Verse 8-9 The introduction.

Verse 10 The message.

Verse 11 The application.

Verse 12 The conclusion.

“Neither is there salvation in any other” etc.

Hoshea—Jehoshua—Joshua = Jesus.

Thou shalt call His name Jesus, etc.

I am the door—I am the Bread of life.

I am the way.