Christ: Our Only Hope Today

Christ: Our Only Hope Today

George Rainey

Mr. George Rainey, the editor’s father, is an octogenarian (not an octogeranium!) who at 83 is still very active in Christian service among the assemblies of God’s people in North America, having been commended to the Lord’s work over 60 years ago.

The days in which we live are serious and solemn. The greatest minds in our age are breaking God’s bands and casting His love from them. Since Satan knows his time is short, he is writing the name of Christ on many things that are his own. He is content to let the world have Christ on its lips, provided he can keep his place in the heart. Sin is seen like a great flood and God, instead of resisting it, is retreating before it. And so it must go on till God retreats altogether from the government of this age that has rejected Him and gives it over, deluded and blinded, into Satan’s hands. Then shall that Wicked One be revealed and strong delusion will come so that men will believe the lie. What is to keep God’s people in such times and against such power?

There is the sovereign power of God. The other day I watched the tremendous power of the sea. As the mighty waves rolled in, I thought how utterly useless it would be to try and resist them. But they were broken into foam on the rocks and harmlessly set at naught when they met that which was stronger than themselves. Never could we stand in our own strength against the evil powers that are against us. How could we oppose the might and wiles of the devil, or escape his power? However, all his craft, cunning and hate are broken when they meet the might and purposes of God. And this Saviour-God is our Great High Priest, loving and living and seated in heaven. This gives us confidence and courage in the darkest hours of trial. But this confidence does not make us careless, for the same Lord who tells us that we are kept by the power of God also tells us to cast our burdens and cares on Him, and He will support us. Moreover, we have learned what His pleasure is: “Great is our Lord, and of great power: His understanding is infinite” and “He taketh pleasure in them that fear Him, in those that hope in His mercy” (Psa. 147:5, 11).

Neither silver nor gold could redeem us or bring us to God, but Christ’s redeeming blood did. And now we can with calmness and patience look upon all that is going on in the world, and hope and peace fill our hearts because we know the Lord is coming. We know that God is working out His eternal purposes, or rather, letting man work them out.

Time was when God governed the world immediately and gave the most minute directions for everything that was done under His hand. Now He governs mediately, allowing man — and often Satan — to have his way, yet overruling all, and making all things work together for His glory and for our good. Faith can be content to await the day when the world’s great problems shall be worked out.

Meanwhile, we bow our hearts before Him in worship, waiting for Christ’s return. Our place now, midst the world’s awful confusion, is to acknowledge Him as the rightful Heir of the world and the Lord of our life, our ways, our thoughts, our acts and our desires.