The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Prophetic Mysteries Revealed. By Lehman Strauss. Neptune, N.J.: Loizeau Brothers, 1980. 225 pp. $7.25

In the winter of 1957 the late Mr. David Kirk of Hamilton, Ontario, held a series of meetings at Maplewood Bible Chapel in my then home city of St. Loius, Missouri. He was the first and only preacher I have ever heard speak specifically and consecutively on the prophetic and parallel significance of Matthew 13 and Revelation 2 and 3. In addition he traced a further correspondence from Acts 27, and I still have in my file a copy of Mr. Kirk’s helpful outline which he used at that time.

Like many others before him, Dr. Lehman Strauss has found a striking Scriptural correspondence between Matthew 13 and Revelation 2 and 3. Thus his book is divided between these two portions of Scripture.

From the seven parables of Matthews 13 he traces the Kingdom of God on earth, while in Revelation 2 and 3 he sees an enlargement of Matthew 13 and a parallel prophetic panorama of the history of Christendom from its beginning to the return of Christ.

Personally, I know of no single volume available today which so clearly and helpfully shows the unity and prophetic significance of these three chapters, as this book does.

The Bibliography and Scripture Index at the close of the volume lend additional value to the author’s commendable treatment of these key passages.

—The Editor

No Fear in His Presence. By David Dawson. Glendale, California: Regel.

Here are modern missionary narratives in a background of a modern war. The reading of these strengthens faith in God. It demonstrates divine love, wisdom and power. These detailed accounts of live, personal experiences prove that the Lord compensates simple reliance upon Himself. He the God of miracles, hears and answers the cries of His own.

Dr. David Dawson was raised in Montreal, Canada, and in that city enjoyed the fellowship of the saints at Ebenezer Gospel Chapel. Shortly after receiving his degree in medicine, he went to relieve a medical missionary in a hospital in Africa.

The reasons why and how the Lord diverted his pathway from India to Africa (his original plan was to go to India) are extremely interesting. Here is a practical example of divine direction for those who are seeking guidance from God.

The author’s many harassing experiences during the turmoil in Zaire are lucidly and descriptively written; they make excellent reading.

God preserved Dr. Dawson and his colleagues, for he writes of them as well as of himself, through the strife and bloodshed as battles raged around them. God kept them in times of uncertainty, terror, wickedness, cruelty and privation, and imputed to them a remarkable peace. Each chapter is spiritually and mentally exciting. A profound sense of gratitude and praise permeates the whole book.

This little volume penetrates deeply into the heart and conscience; it leads to self-examination and to pro-per assessment of the values of life. The reading of this book should result in a more devoted, sacrificial life and service for the Lord Jesus. I highly recommend it as reading for both young and old.

—James Gunn