The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Among some of the more recent publications of Everyday Publishers of Toronto, Canada, are four booklets. Two of these by Dr. R. E. Harlow are: Ephesians: In the Beloved (46 pp., $1.50), and Colossians: Christ in You (32 pp., $1.25). Each includes a short introduction to the letter under consideration, and then verse by verse comments follow. In each study numerous “seed sermons” are found, and it seems to this reviewer that these studies could be profitably employed in a home Bible study class or some other similar circumstance.

Two additional booklets are by the associate editor of Focus magazine, Mr. James Gunn. The first is: If Any Man Speak (32 pp., $1.35). The subject matter concerns the preparation and delivery of sermons and speeches, the material having formed the basis of a special course taught by the author in the fall of 1978 at Kawartha Lakes Bible School. He develops his thoughts around the sermon, illustrations, the speaker, delivery, and the pulpit and platform.

Appropriately enough, the author’s final words are, “Let the speaker think soundly, articulate properly, stand naturally, and when he is finished sit down.”

The booklet contains many helpful pointers and suggestions, not the least of these being a few good sample outlines.

Mr. Gunn’s second booklet is called, The Training of a Shepherd (29 pp., $1.50). God’s people need feeding and care, and in this little treatise the author describes some of the joys and tasks of the Lord’s under-shepherds, and how He prepares men for this responsible service.

Following a brief introduction, the subjects developed are:

· The Shepherd and Divine Authority

· The Shepherd and the Scriptures

· The Shepherd Himself

· The Shepherd and the Sheep

· The Shepherd’s Ministry

— The Editor