The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Church Age: An Outline of Church History. By A. E. Horton. Everyday Publications: Toronto, Canada, 1978. 48 pp. $1.25.

If you are not acquainted with church history, yet have wondered why things are the way they are today, this little book will provide you with information and understanding concerning important events and the role of key men since the beginning of the Church.

Written in a simple style, the author, in seven brief chapters, deals with the apostolic age, the age of the martyrs, the state church, the papal church, the reformation church, the missionary movement, and the close of the church age.

In spite of Satan’s attempts to thwart God’s purposes by corrupting the truth and murdering Christ’s servants, we see through this brief account how God has marvelously and miraculously preserved His Word and carried out His purposes through His faithful saints.

The sensitive reader will find himself praising God for His working in this world right to the present moment, while at the same time profiting from the warning to be on guard concerning the wiles of the devil.

* * *

Counting on God. By Andrew Stenhouse. Christian Missions Press: Waynesboro, Georgia, 1976. 98 pp. Paper, n.p.

In this delightful little book, the author recounts selected experiences out of his more than fifty years in the Lord’s work in South America, primarily in Chile. Those who enjoy good biography will find it difficult to put this book down, as the author achieves his stated purpose to illustrate God’s faithfulness in the working out of Biblical principles in that part of His vineyard.

Instead of separate chapters, Mr. Stenhouse moves his narrative along under more than forty headings. Almost half the book provides a background of details as to the Lord’s dealing to the field, marriage, and two years of preparatory service in Argentina.

Interspersed throughout the text are several black and white photos which assist the reader in further appreciating both Mr. and Mrs. Stenhouse’s labors in the Lord.

It is hoped that many of God’s people will read this stimulating account and as a result be challenged not only to pray for the needs of Chile and Argentine

—The Editor