The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Facts of the Christian Faith. By James Gunn. Toronto, Canada: Everyday Publications Inc. 1976. 143 pp. Paper, $2.25.

Purposely written in ordinary literary style, James Gunn, our beloved associate editor of Ministry in Focus magazine, has provided a helpful compendium of the Bible basis for our faith. In twelve chapters we are taken from creation to eternity, from God Almighty to Christian ethics.

The list of chapters is as follows:

    1. The Christian Faith

    2. God Almighty

    3. Sin and the Fall of Man

    4. The Person and Deity of Christ

    5. The Work of Christ — Redemption

    6. The Person of the Holy Spirit

    7. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit

    8. Christian Ethics

    9. Immortality

    10. The Resurrection

    11. The Kingdom of the Lord Jesus

    12. Eternity

Christians both younger and older in the faith will be spiritually blessed and edified by reading these chapters. The book would readily lend itself as a helpful tool for personal Bible study, and it could be effectively used as a Home Bible Study course book or in some similar type Bible study situation. And, to be sure, it is the author’s and publisher’s prayerful desire that some will read this book who will, through its message, be brought to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord.

For preachers and teachers of the Word, the book has homiletical value. For instance, on page 46, under the heading: “The purpose of the incarnation,” there are seven points based on Hebrews 2. These seven points could be effectively developed, say, as a message for the Christmas season.

— W.R.R.