Book Corner

Book Corner

How Much Longer??? By Fredk. A. Tatford. Sussex: Prophetic Witness Publishing House, 1975. 86 pp. Paper, 65p.

What will the world be like by the year 1999? Well, we really don’t know, but there are many things taking place now that portend a dreadful and frightful future for this earthly scene. The opening chapter introduces the details of a dream experienced by a portly Mr. Browne which projected him to Christmas Day 1999. At the close of the chapter he is observed awakening from this awful dream which, among other things, contemplated the presence of the Antichrist. He is grateful to realize that it was just a dream, but the chapter closes by asking, “But was it?”

The succeeding chapters go on to discuss a number of current subjects and problems: The Pollution Problem, The Population Explosion, Drug Addiction, Sexual Morality, The Biological Revolution, and the Military Threat. This brief book then closes with a chapter asking the question, “Where Are We Going?”

To some readers certain details in the book might seem absurd, but in view of all that is taking place today particularly in the scientific world, many of the things discussed could become a reality by the end of this century.

Thus, for those who wonder what things in this world may be like by the year 2000 A.D., here is a brief, readable, interesting and informative paperback, providing considerable food for thought, and reminding us that the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ is the only answer to the world’s mounting tensions and problems.

A helpful bibliography is included, listing over sixty authors.