The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Evolution: Possible or Impossible?: James F. Coppedge, Ph.D; Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 49506.

In recent years there has been a marked resurgence of interest by evangelical Christians in the possible impact of the theory of evolution on the reliability of the Bible, especially the Genesis narrative of creation.

One avenue of approach has been to seek to reconcile the major principles of materialistic evolution with the early chapters of Genesis by understanding the six days of creation to be, not literal days, but indefinite periods of, perhaps, millions of years! This approach, with modifications, is variously called, “Progressive Creation,” “Theistic Evolution,” “Threshold Evolution.” Coppedge (and this reviewer!) rejects such a solution, taking the stand that if evolution is true, the Bible cannot be; it is an “either-or” situation. Coppedge examines exhaustively the presumed evidences for evolution. His analyses of the evidences are honest and scholarly. He is eminently qualified to examine particularly the areas of the statistical improbability of evolution. Chapter two, The Heart of Modern Probability Theory is an excellent example.

The author concludes that the theory of evolution is scientifically invalid and untenable. Since combinations of the Bible narrative and evolution, as in theistic evolution, are also untenable, he apparently believes firmly in six literal days of creation as implied by this statement on page 201, “It turns out to be rather exhilarating to think that the first chapters of Genesis may after all be interpreted literally and without the need to fit in the long ages somewhere.”

This book is very highly recommended for senior high school and college students, youth workers, and assembly elders! It is ideally suited for giving to an evolutionist, with a request that he study it and answer its arguments. For the Christian who is a serious student of science, it will deepen his faith in the reliability of the Bible.

Price: (pb) $3.95 from Zondervan or most Christian Book Stores.