Book Review

Book Review

John Knox MoEwen and Pioneer Work in the Maritimes: J. T. Dickson, Good News Publishers, Westchester, Illinois 60153, U.S.A.

Here is a lucid presentation of pioneer work with the gospel in the eastern provinces of Canada. It is the last work by the author for before publication was completed the Lord had called His servant home.

While brother Dickson himself participated in these efforts, he has woven the story into the biography of the principal character, the prime mover in the work, John Knox McEwen.

The difficulties encountered, the oppositions met, and the discouragements overcome, are obvious in the narratives, but the predominant feature of this small volume is the proof of the power of the gospel and its ultimate success even under hostile circumstances.

May be purchased from the author’s daughter, Mrs. D. A. Dewhurst, 12 Rennie Drive, Andover, Mass, 01810, U.S.A.