Book Review

Book Review

An Introduction to Evangelical Christian Education: J. Edward Hakes; Moody Press, Chicago, Illinois.

This symposium offers essential information on Christian education. Its comprehensive survey covers the many phases of the subject; beginning at the home it covers the Sunday School, Christian day schools and colleges. It also deals with the vacation Bible school, the Christian camp, and the different youth groups.

Each chapter is written by a specialist in the particular field. Consequently, the suggestions relative to a Christ-centred curriculum, audio-visual material, and organization are presented with experience and authority.

This book is invaluable to those who are teaching the Word of God to our children and youth. A prayerful and careful perusal of each chapter is recommended.

Price, $6.50; Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Ontario.

For those interested in the book Design for Christian Marriage reviewed last month, we are pleased to state that we now can quote a price and source of supply.

Price: $3.75; Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto, Canada.