Book Review

Book Review

Sky Waves: Gleason H. Ledyard; Moody Press, Chicago, Ill.

This lucidly written and well-documented account of the founding and developing of the Far East Broadcasting Company reveals the power of God in answers to prayers, and presents a challenge to Christians everywhere that they trust in the Lord more implicitly.

That God would deeply exercise three friends separately in regard to radio ministry in the Far East, and then bring them together is a remarkable story. This story becomes even more remarkable when one realizes that John Broger, a warrant-officer in the American Air-Force, had been much impressed by the use of radio work in time of war, and felt that it could be used equally effectively in the spread of the Gospel of peace. Robert Bowman had participated in actual broadcasting out of Los Angeles, and Pastor William J. Roberts also had conducted programs in connection with his church work in California.

To follow each successive step from their first meeting to discuss and pray about this venture until June 4, 1948 when they made their first broadcast over The Call of the Orient Station in Manilla is fascinating.

Those especially interested in radio ministry should not fail to read this volume; it is instructive and inspiring. In fact all may read it to profit for it traces the guidance of the Lord in a highly specialized field of Christian ministry.

Price $3.80: Home Evangel Books Ltd., 25 Hobson Ave., Toronto, Canada.