The Book of Genesis

The Book of Genesis

Leslie Rainey

Our brother Rainey has a special burden upon his heart for the young in Christ’s flock. It is his intention to prepare an outline study of the separate books of the Bible.

There are those at school or college, and others engaged in apprenticeship work, who do not have time for a prolonged intensive Bible course. These monthly studies will prove a help and blessing to all, especially to those with limited time.

Should any feel the need of further help or have some specific problem, they may contact brother Rainey through this office.


I have often wondered why so I many young people do not find the Bible fascinating and challenging today. What a blessed book it is—with its stories of remarkable personalities; its typical teaching and comprehensive camera shots; its definite portrayal of the hand of God in human affairs and its authentic record of the beginning of everything but God. Have you ever thought why God selected seven men as a “National Portrait Gallery” in the first Book? Surely in the biographies of Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph we have a consecutive outline of the God-planned life. Or have you ever thought why we no sooner get into the Book than we have the Obituary Chapter and the final page ends with a coffin? The answer to this is the serpent’s lie and how interesting it is to see Satan as a snake; sin as a crouching beast, (4:7), and the Seed of the woman, not the man, the Saviour God promised. Here in this opening Book we learn of God in creation; God in History; God in providence; God in human life and God in redemption… It is a deep deep well of sparkling, stimulating, sacred truth and young people of all races may drink in abundance of the Living Water. Yes! we know and believe, Genesis is Good for You.

Key Word: “Beginning”
Key Verse 1.1

The Book of Genesis is in many respects the most important and illustrious chapter in the Book of inspiration. It is called the “Book of Beginnings,” since it deals with the beginning of everything except God, who is eternal. Another title that aptly describes it is, “The Seed Plot of the Bible,” the foundation on which the divine Revelation rests, and on which is reared the structure of all subsequent Revelation.

The name Genesis is of Greek origin and signifies “origin,” while the Hebrew word is rightly interpreted as “beginning.” The title of the Book at once suggests the content and comprehensive nature and message of the Book. It tells out in marvellous detail yet matchless simplicity the origin of all things. The great doctrines of the Word of God are all found in this opening Book, ‘the beginning of the universe, of life, of man, of marriage, of sin, of redemption, of death, of family life, of nations, in fact of everything there is to know. For this reason, it has been the object of malicious hate and the critics and infidels of all ages have bent all their energies to discredit and destroy.

The Author

The writer of the Book was Moses, the Man of God. Though scientists and critics have sought to overthrow this masterpiece of Revelation it still stands as an impregnable Rock, magestic and marvellous in its durability, simplicity and dignity. To believe this Book, it has been stated, all other books are easy. It is written in prose not poetry and no doubt it is the communication of the knowledge of God first to Adam and from Adam to Methusaleh, who told Noah, who told Shem, who told Abraham,—who told Moses.

The Address

The distinctive message of Genesis is the downfall under every condition met by the deliverance of God.

The Analysis

(1). It sets forth Primitive and Patriarchal history covering 2,369 years.

(2). It records ten successive generations.

(3). It presents seven outstanding events:

(1). Creation of the World.

(2). Creation of Man.

(3). The Fall.

(4). The Flood

(5). The Pioneer of Faith.

(6) The Migration to Egypt.

(7). The Coming of the Saviour.

(4). It portrays a galaxy of notable men:— Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

(5). In Genesis you have no contradiction of Scripture with science for the opening Book of the Bible goes beyond the furthest reaches of science and bridges the three great gaps which science and evolution cannot bridge, Viz, the origin of man.

(6). In ‘Genesis, Bible students sum up the message of the Book with three words revealing three worlds: — Generation, Degeneration, and Regeneration. Here we have the world of nature, of sin and of grace. They tell us what God did, chapters 1 and 2. They inform us what Satan did, chapters 3 to 11. They set forth what the God-man Christ Jesus would do, chapters 12 to 50.

(7) The first five words are “In the beginning God created,” and the closing four words are, “A coffin in Egypt.” The first is a declaration of the power and wisdom of God in creation. The last is a symbol of faith and hope through the Saviour who is the seed of the woman, and for whom the way is prepared in a chosen race descended from Abraham, and to spread ‘the blessings of this faith and hope to all nationals over the world is the story of Genesis.


1. The Facts of Creation, (i.-ii).

2. The Facts of the Fall, (iii.-v).

3. The Facts of the Flood, (vi.-xi).

4. The Facts of Abraham, (xii.- xxv).

5. The Facts of Isaac, ( xxi.- xxx ).

6. The Facts of Jacob, (xxv.- to end).

7. The facts of Joseph, (xx: 22-to end).