Book Review

Book Review

Truth For Today: John F. Walvoord, Editor; Moody Press, Chicago, U.S.A.

This commemorative volume contains strong meat. It is a collection of articles by capable scholars in their respective fields each placing emphasis upon the truth of God’s Word for today.

Some of the articles are doctrinal dissertations, some expositions of Scriptures, some instructions in the developing of methods of practice, some prophetical in character, and some may be classified as apologetic. One even finds among these, discussions relative to Church history.

Inasmuch as the many articles are documented by references to the writings of others, one realizes that these references are of great value to the student for they provide guidance to an extensive library.

This is a book for the honest student who is willing to do further research work in the Holy Scriptures and in the testimony of the Christian Church. Furthermore, in it he will receive ample warning relevant to the questionable and erroneous trends in Christendom.

Price, $3.25, Home Evangel Books Ltd., 23 Hobson Ave., Toronto 16, Canada.

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