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Promotion In The Sunday School

Question: Should a Sunday School teacher keep the same children in his class year after year; or should a Promotion Day be held annually, at which time all the pupils are moved up a grade as in Day Schools?

Answer: Children form very definite likes or dislikes for their teacher when they remain together for any length of time. As a result, one class may grow too large while another dwindles away to almost nothing. A system of annual promotions will avoid this because a pupil will tolerate his dislike for a poor teacher in the hope of being moved to a more desirable class at the end of the term.

On the other hand, even if a child forms a very close bond of affection and admiration for one particular teacher, he will not resent being placed in another group because he is accustomed to this procedure in the Day Schools.

Another argument in favour of promotion systems is that most teachers have an aptitude for teaching only a certain age group. As children advance into a state of higher mental maturity and spiritual knowledge, continued progress is only possible when they are brought under the influence of a teacher who is suited for handling that advanced group.

Q. B. A.

Dear Brother,

Why, in Matthew 10:1-6, where Jesus called His 12 disciples to Him and sends them out, is not Luke mentioned? Could it be possible that any of the men mentioned there was Luke under another name? Could it have been that one of these 12 dropped out later and Luke have taken his place?

The 12 were told to go only to the lost sheep of Israel, but Luke was very intimately linked with Paul all through Acts.

While this is not a fundamentally vital question, still it puzzles me and I would be very glad to have an answer if possible.

R. C. S.