Vol 1:7 (July 1955)


This month we are happy to introduce another of our staff members who has worked diligently for the success of FOOD for the FLOCK. Officially, Boyd Nicholson is the assistant to the Publisher and Treasurer; actually, he works behind the scenes as our contact man with the printer, which involves a multitude of duties. However, Boyd has found time to write a warm devotional article, “The Shepherd of the Sheep,” which reveals that he has literary talent as well as a knowledge of the Scriptures. The reader will, without doubt, be drawn closer to the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ through this message.

For various periodicals, John T. Dickson has written short biographical sketches of servants of the Lord who have ceased from their earthly labours and entered into their eternal rest. As well, he is the author of a book on the life of William J. McClure, whom he first met in County Armagh, Ireland, in the year 1904, when as a young man, Mr. Dickson was engaged in Gospel work in a tent. This brings us to the point we wish to mention, that our brother, whose article is this month featured in the Expository Section, has been serving the Lord for over half a century. His remarks regarding “The Church at Antioch” are the more interesting when we know that he has through the years been greatly used in winning souls for Christ, first in Ireland and later in the U.S.A. and Canada. About twenty-five years ago, in the City of Toronto, his preaching was blessed to the salvation of a large group of young people. In his later life, Bro. Dickson has been devoting his time to ministering to believers, seeking to build them up in their most holy faith and to strengthen the things which remain. At present, he makes his home in Petersburg, Virginia.

In The Forum, Proposition No. 1, which was originally outlined in the January issue, continues to hold interest, especially centering around the subject of “The House of God.” In fact, so many letters have been received that we have been unable to print them all in the limited space available. It is by the free and friendly exchange of thought that new light and knowledge is gained and this section is presented in the spirit of Paul’s words in 1 Cor. 10:15, “I speak as to wise men; judge ye what I say.”

Strength and comfort for those who have long been burdened and afflicted will be derived from the poem, entitled, “Treasures of Darkness.” Our subscribers will recall the poetry, “Apart,” which appeared on the back page of the February issue over these same anonymous initials, “E.M.G.”

Having mentioned a few highlights of the July number, we now commend the whole magazine to our readers, praying that every article will be richly blessed of the Lord, for His glory and honour.