The Book Corner

The Book Corner

Two new publications by Dr. R. E. Harlow are available from Everyday Publications Inc., 421 Nugget Ave., Unit 2, Scarborough, Ont., M1S 4L8. One is a short booklet of twelve pages on The Priesthood of Women (.500 . The author closes by stating:

“To limit ‘priesthood’ to the oral expression of worship in an assembly meeting, is a distortion of biblical teaching. There are many other ways to act as a priest. A godly sister will seek opportunities to please the Lord rather than give in to the trends of today. If she is not sure just what is an ‘assembly gathering’ or what is ‘usurping authority over a man,’ she will err on the side of obedience rather than risking the possibility of grieving the Lord she loves. The two restrictions on the oral ministry of women are intended by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of grace, to help her in her heart’s desire to bring pleasure to the One who gave His all for her.”

The other publication, Never Turn Back, is an 88-page treatment of Hebrews, the subtitle being, Studies in Hebrews ($2.95). In seven of the nine chapters the author traces the superiority of the Lord Jesus, as well as pointing out the “better” things we have in Him. The last two chapters take up the subjects of “Faith” (11) and “How Christians Should Live” (12 & 13).

If you wish to purchase either of these publications, the publishers request 10% for postage and packing.

Two fine booklets by Mr. J. M. Davies are available from him for $1.00 each (6108-103rd St.,

Edmonton, Alberta, T6H 2H8). One is entitled, The Gift of Tongues (27 pp.). The gift of tongues is considered prophetically, historically, doctrinally, practically, in relation to other gifts, and in the light of its temporary character, in the light of the Gospel, and in the light of its dangers. A great deal of valuable and instructive material is compacted into this brief treatment of a highly controversial subject.

The other booklet is entitled, The Perfect Mediator (20 pp.). This is a reprint of the author’s article in The Infallible Christ (Everyday Publications Inc., 1980). In a day of increasing devious teaching regarding the Person of Christ, the author provides helpful teaching on the Deity and the humanity of our Lord.

—The Editor