Alex Ross

Mr. Alex Ross, a Christian business man, has effectively and faithfully served the Lord for over fifty years. This article has been taken from his book, 50 Years in Christ. Copies of the book may be obtained directly from the author: Parklea, 16 Westholme Terrace, Aberdeen,

Cities have always had an attraction for people of all lands. We thrill at the mention of such cities as London, New York, Paris, Rome, or any other great city. But I want you to think of the greatest City of all. It is called in the Bible the City of the Living God, and it is described in the last two chapters of the Bible, Revelation 21 and 22. God’s Glorious City is of pure gold, built upon twelve foundations, each being a massive precious stone. The walls are of jasper 216 feet high. There are twelve gates, all of pearl; at each gate an angel. Taking a look inside this wonderful City we see a beautiful street of purest gold. But as gold is not valued there, the thrill of it all is its beauty and purity. Before I invite you to this City, for invited you are, let me tell you something more of its wonders.

Its Dimensions

An angel measured the City with a golden reed. The City lies foursquare; the length, breadth, and height of it are equal, 12,000 furlongs or 1,500 miles. Its symmetry is perfect. But did you notice, not only the length and breath are equal but the height also! It is 1,500 miles high! This wonderful City is much larger than the British Isles! Surely there is room for all who accept the gracious invitation.

Its Lighting Cannot Be Equalled

“The Lamb is the light thereof.” On earth we have daylight and artificial light. When God’s daylight turns to darkness then man’s ingenuity has devised artificial light in its various forms. But neither of these are required in the City of the Living God, for the Light there is the “Glory of God and the Lamb.”

Its Health is Perfect

There are no hospitals. Doctors and nurses are not required. There is no pain, or disease, or infirmity of any kind. There are no cemeteries for death is unknown. Old folks homes are not required for there are no elderly people. Its inhabitants enjoy perennial youth for they breathe the ethereal air of the new creation untainted by defilement of any kind. In the midst of the street of that City blooms the Tree of Life bearing twelve manner of fruits, yielding its fruit every month, and the leaves of the tree are for the healing, or health, of the nations. Is all this true? God has said it, and God cannot lie.

Its Beauty Is Unexcelled

“There shall be no more curse.” Picture to yourself the fairest, brightest day that ever dawned, so peaceful, so calm: no sorrow to mar; no fear to cloud; no frosts or cold winds to blight; no darkness to descend. Perfect peace, perfect rest, perfect beauty. In 1 Peter 1:4 we have a lovely picture of that City, “Incorruptible, undefiled, and that fadeth not away.”

· Incorruptible — as to its beauty.

· Undefiled — as to its purity.

· Fadeth not away — as to its endurability.

We speak of the land of the blest,
that country so bright and so fair,
And oft are its glories confessed,
but what must it be to be there!

We speak of its peace and its love,
the robes which the glorified wear,
The songs of the blessed above,
but what must it be to be there!

Its Society Is of the Best

The redeemed of the Lord are there, cleansed by the precious shed blood of Jesus, now at Home with the Lord, and in their glorified bodies. No sorrow, no pain, no tears, for it is God Himself who shall “wipe away all tears from their eyes.” They are seen in the book of Revelation in four postures — seated, clothed, crowned and singing. All the lovely Old Testament saints will be there. Abraham” looked for that City”; David sang of it; Moses esteemed it; Job longed for it; Noah prepared for it. “These all died in faith, having seen the promises afar off, and embraced them, and confessed that they were strangers and pilgrims on the earth” (Hebrews 11:13). Multitudes of bright angels grace that glorious City. They worship God, serve the Throne, and are ministering companions of the redeemed. What shall I say more of its choice society. The inspired writer in Hebrews 12:22-23 sums up the eternal bliss with these words, “and to Jesus…” The golden streets would be dull without Him, the ransomed song empty and hollow. His own sweet presence is the perfume of the City foursquare. As the stars are to the heavens, or the sun is to this earth, so is Jesus Christ, and much more, in that fair and golden City. One has aptly said:

The Light of Heaven is the face of Jesus.
The Joy of Heaven is the presence of Jesus.
The Melody of Heaven is the name of Jesus.
The Harmony of Heaven is the praise of Jesus.
The Theme of Heaven is the work of Jesus.
The Employment of Heaven is the service of Jesus.
The Fullness of Heaven is Jesus Himself.

In closing, may I ask you in sincerity, are you going to that City, the City of the Living God? Queen Victoria, visiting some of her cottagers around Balmoral Castle was asked by one of them, “Is your Majesty going to Heaven?” The good Queen replied, “By the grace of God and the precious blood of Jesus, I am.” Are you, dear reader?

When I enter that beautiful City,
And the saved all around me appear,
I hope that Someone will tell me,
It was you who invited me here.