Teaching The Teacher

Teaching The Teacher

Harry Morrison

This suggested outline for a Teacher training program should be practised within the local church. This suggested program is designed so that each teacher can more effectively prepare himself (herself) to assume the responsibilities of reaching, teaching and developing our children and young people in the things of God.

The steps that are suggested are those which should be part of the regular program for the development of teachers and potential teachers each year. Other programs can be formulated to meet the GROUP needs of the teaching staff.

Formal recognition on the part of the church should be given to those teachers who complete their program each year. Children are encouraged to learn verses and undertake other achievements and are publicly recognized for their efforts. TEACHERS SHOULD SET AN EXAMPLE. A certificate of recognition could be presented on the same occasion that is reserved for the recognition of the Sunday School.

Minimum Requirements for Recognition

    1. Complete at least one Bible Course. This course should be appropriate in its requirements. The age and experience of the individual teacher should be considered.

    2. Attend one Teachers’ Conference. Evaluate and report to the next Teachers’ meeting with recommendations.

    3. Visit, evaluate and report on one other class — away from home.

    4. Complete one Book Review in the area of Christian Education.

    5. Evaluate and discuss with the Superintendent your own personal teaching experience:
    a. As to original objectives.
    b. As to methods and results.
    c. As to specific results — salvation, growth and comprehension in the lives of students.
    d. As to results — in own personal experience.

    6. Consistent, personal support of local church fellowship.

We need have no doubt as to its inspiration. The Old Testament was completed some hundreds of years before Christ came into the world, and its writings were brought together in one book, some think by Ezra in the “Great Synagogue,” four hundred years before our Saviour’s birth. The Old Testament we have is the same Book the Lord had, the Book He loved, read and quoted; the Book He called “Scripture.” And we can be certain that He read the Song of Solomon.