Tomorrow's Citizens --Part 1

Tomorrow’s Citizens
Part 1

William M. Brown

The experts say, “This is the children’s age.” Statistics show some four million babies are born each year in the United States. Only 500,000 of them will ever be reached for Christ at the present rate of evangelism. Thus, America is becoming pagan at the rate of three and a half million a year.

Business plans to meet the needs of this exploding population. Railroads, airlines and hotels already offer package family rates and accommodations. The beer industry is planning the greatest expansion program in its history and even now many begin drinking in their teens. The tobacco industry is expanding likewise and many are using tobacco before they even reach their teens.

Communism is not going to ignore the potentials among these youngsters. If it is true that America is becoming pagan at the rate of three and a half million a year, it is not too difficult to conceive that Communism will rule the lives of many of these little ones before they become adults.

According to reliable reports, Mao Tse-Tung of Red China and the late Joseph Stalin of Russia met in 1953 and laid plans for the conquest of the rest of the world. They believed that it would take two five-year plans to consolidate their strength in the Far East and two more five-year plans to encircle and degenerate the United States, making the tentative date for world conquest about the year 1973.

There is no doubt about it — Communism has plans for our children. It is intended that they shall become the Communists of to-morrow. If they have their way, our children will be scientifically bestialized, so that they will not only kill if necessary, but will enjoy killing. They will be trained to mutilate and massacre with a dry eye, a slow pulse, and a deadened conscience.

This is not just scare talk; it is real! It is not just a dim possibility; the Communists believe it to be inevitable. It is not a fanciful dream; it is an earthly blueprint, and the diabolical scheme is now 50 per cent completed, all on schedule and exactly according to plan.

Our children will be taught to believe and act in accordance with Communist doctrine of man: “Man is a material machine; he is matter in motion and nothing more. Man has no soul, no spirit, no significant individual value, no continuity of life, no Heaven to gain nor hell to shun. Man is a beast.”

During the last ten years a great army, over forty million strong, has come to the United States. They have arrived one by one, innocent and harmless. We have not suspected their potential powers. The day is coming, though, when we shall awaken to the fact that this army has taken over our nation. They will capture Washington and dominate the Federal Government, as well as the administration of each state. They will take over industry and business including the control of atomic energy. Complete authority will be in their hands.

This army is composed of boys and girls under twelve years of age and constitutes over one fifth of our population. Fortunately, their basic training is only beginning and we adults can control the future course of this training. We still have the power to mould and influence these future citizens to give them the opportunity to become Christians.

Millions of these youngsters will grow up without any spiritual background. Many of them will never understand the central theme of the Bible, — salvation through the finished work of Christ on the cross. Nearly two million of these children will have criminal records. A million and a half will be patients in mental institutions. Over a million will he intemperately addicted to alcohol. There will be fifteen million weddings and at least three million will end in separation or divorce.

The destiny of the United States need not be determined by Russia. It can be determined by what we do as Christians in presenting the Lord to children and helping them to grow in the things of God.

Christians need to realize the value of these precious souls. How sad it is when people, even Christians, frown upon evangelistic efforts among boys and girls! Romans 3:23 and John 3:7 apply to children as well as to adults. It was just as necessary for the Saviour to die on the cross for a child as for an adult. Read what the Lord Jesus Christ said about the value He places upon little ones in Matthew 18:2-6, 19:3-15.

Someone has said, “If the sun were a solid mass of purest gold, the moon a ruby of the highest order, and the stars jewels of the rarest sort — all this wealth put together would be less than nothing compared with the value of one soul.” Jesus Himself said, “What shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul” (Mark 8:36).

What is the Christian’s responsibility in this matter? In the next issue of Ministry in Focus, several answers to this question will be given.