Suggested Christian Reading

Suggested Christian Reading

British Israelism:

What’s Wrong with Anglo-Israelism; Talbot (Dunham)

Br. Israelism Briefly Tested by Scriptures; Pollock (JR)


Bullingerism Exposed; A. J. Pollock (LB)

Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth; Ironside (LB)


Christadelphianism Astray from the Bible; A. J. Pollock (LB)

Christian Science:

(C) The Christian Science Myth; Martin & Klann (208 pp., Zon.)

Christian Science Briefly Tested By Scripture; A. J. Pollock (LB)


The Cooneyites, or Go. Preachers. Pamphlet (LB)


Carnival of Death, or The Modern Dance; Vom Bruck (Defenders)

“Divine Healing” And Tongues Movement:

(See Pentecostalism)

The Modern Tongues and Healing Movement; Carroll Stegall and Carl C. Harwood. Inside Facts. Western Bible Inst.

The Gift of Tongues; J. M. Davies.

(Scripture Lit. Press, Bangalore)

Is Healing in the Atonemnt; Ironside (LB)

Healing, What Saith the Scripture; J. M. Davies (Sc. Lit. Press)


Divorce, the Wreck of Marriage; John R. Rice. (Sword of the Lord)

Divorce and the Bible; D. L. Norbie (LB)


(See also under Bible and Science)

Did Man Just Happen; W. A. Criswell (121 pp., Zon.)

Theory of Evolution and Facts of Science, Rimmer

Evolution, A. J. Pollock (LB)

“Falling Away”:

Can a Christian Fall Away and be Lost? Hoste (Pamphlet)

Eternal Security of the Believer; Iron-side (Pamphlet, LB)

“Jehovah’s Witnesses”:

(B) Jehovah of the Watch Tower; Martin Klann (208 pp., Zon.)

Millenial Dawnism Tested by Scripture; Polock (LB)

Thirty Years a Watch Tower Slave; Wm. J. Schnell


Modernism vs. the Bible; A. J. Pollock (LB)

(B) The Deadly Parallel; Geo. H. Dowknott


Mormonism under the Searchlight; Biederworf


Movies and the Conscientious Christian; Paul S. Rees (Zon.)

What’s Wrong with the Movies; John R. Rice (paper, Zon.)


Neo-Orthodoxy, what it is … does. G. C. Ryrie (622 pp., Moody)

Oxford Group Movement:

(“Moral Re-Armament”)

The Oxford Group Movement; Iron-side (LB)

The Oxford Group Movement; A. J. Pollock (JR)

Partial Rapture:

(See also under Prophecy)

Does the Scripture Teach a Partial Rapture; C. Knapp (LB)

Who will go When the Lord Comes; Lewis & Rogers (Echoes of S.)


Modern Pentecostalism; A. J. Pollock (LB)

Pentecost and To-day; J. M. Davies (In preparation)


Consistent Christians Mingle in

Politics; E. V-W; (LB)

Punishment, Eternal:

Will a God of Love Punish any of His Creatures Forever; Alex Marshall (Pamphlet)

See also under Bible Doctrine; The Eternal State

Roman Catholicism:

Truth vs. Dogma; J. C. Macauley (125 pp., Moody)

(B) Roman Dogma and Scripture Truth; A. Stewart (122 pp., Interv.)

Two Babylons; Alex Hyslop (350 pp., LB). Pagan origins

Letters to a Roman Catholic Priest; Ironside (LB)

The Mass vs. the Lord’s Supper; Iron-side (LB)

Secret Societies:

Secret Societies: Can a Christian Belong to them and still Honor Christ: G. L. H. (Pamphlet, LB)

Reasons why a Christian Should Not be a Freemason; A. J. Pollock (Pamphlet, Central Bible Truth Depot)