Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading


(C) Lectures on the Ep. to the Galatians; W. Kelly (198 pp., Morrish)

(C) The Cross and the Spirit; Moule (59 PP., P&I)

(B) The Ep. of Paul to the Galatians, Hogg & Vine (350 pp., P&I)

Galatians, The Charter of Christian Liberty; Merrill C. Tenney

Galatians; Wm. Kelly

Galatians in the Greek Testament; Kenneth S. Wuest


(B) Ephesian Studies; Moule (340 pp., P&I)

Lectures on Ephesians; Wm. Kelly (283 pp., Morrish)

Ephesians; Ironsides (LB)

St. Paul’s Letter To The Ephesians; J. B. Lightfoot (260 Pp.,). On The Greek Text

(B) Ephesians, the Glories of His Grace; A. Van Ryn (165 pp., LB)

(C) Commentary on the Ep. to the Eph. and Col., Simpson & Bruce (Eerd.)

(B) Commentary on the Ep. to the Eph., Chas. Hodge

Eph., Col., in the Gk. Testament; Kenneth S. Wuest (Moody)


(B) Philippians Studies; Moule (265 pp., P&D

(C) Philippians and Colossians; W. E. Vine (200 pp., OL)

(C) Lectures on Philippians & Colossians; Wm. Kelly

Joy Way (on Phpns.); Guy H. King (Christian Lit. Crusade)

(C) Philippians, Notes on; Ironside (LB)

(C) His in Joyous Experience; Norman B. Harrison

St. Paul’s Ep. to the Philippians; J. B. Lightfoot (Zon.)

Philippians in the Gk. New Testament; Wuest (Moody)


(See Also Under Eph. And Phpns.)

(C) Christ Pre-Eininent; Studies in Col., W. H. G Thomas (Moody)

(B) Oneness with Christ; Expository Studies on Colossians; W. R. Nicholson (284 pp., Kregel)

Crossing the Border (on Col.) Guy H. King

(C) Colossians and Philemon; Moule (318 pp., P&I)

Lectures on Colossians; Ironside (LB)

1 And 2 Thessalonians:

The Ep. to the Thessalonians; Wm. Kelly (228 pp., Hammond)

(B) The Ep. to the Thessalonians; Hogg & Vine (307 pp., P&I)

(C) The Thessalonian Epistles; John F. Walvoord (Dunham)

1 And 2 Timothy:

(B) An Exposition of the Two Ep. to Tim., Wm. Kelly (348 pp )

Second Timothy; Moule (In Devot. Commentary) 180 pp., Baker

(C) To My Son; Guy H. King — on 1 Tim. (MM&S)

(C) A Leader Led; Guy HI King — on 2 Tim. (MM&S)

The Pastoral Ep. in the Gk. Testament; Wuest (Moody)


(See Also Under Hebrews And Philemon)


(See Also Under Colossians)

Titus And Philemon; Ironside (LB)

(B) Exposition of Titus and Philemon; Wm. Kelly

(B) Philemon, a Note to a Friend; W. G. Scroggie (Hulbert)

(C) Hebrews and Titus; Ironside (192 pp., LB)


(B) Epistle to the Hebrews; 2 vols., Saphir (890 pp., LB)

(C) Messages from the Ep. to the Hebrews; Moule (H&S)

(C) Lectures on the Ep. to the Hebrews; Ridout (LB)

Let Us Go On; Griffith-Thomas (186 pp., Zon )

The Ep. to the Hebrews; a Study Manual; Gleason L. Archer, Jr.. (108 pp., paper, Baker)

(C) The Ep. to the Hebrews; W. E. Vine (186 pp., OL)

The Triumph of Faith; G. Campbell Morgan (128 pp., P&D

(B) In the Arena of Faith; Eric Sauer (On Heb. 11)

Hebrews in the Gk. N. T., Wuest (Moody)

The Ep. to the Hebrews; B. F. Westcott (504 pp., MacMillan). For students


(C) Exposition of James; Wm. Kelly James; Ironside (LB)

(C) A Belief that Behaves; Guy H. King (130 pp., NEVUS)

The General Epistle of James; Tasker (144 pp., Eerd)

(B) James; C. A. Coates (see under Ruth)

Peter, John, Jude (Epistles):

(C) The Apostle Peter; Griffith-Thomas

(B) The Life & Letters of St. Peter; English (271 pp., Our hope)

(B) The General Epistles; Chas. R. Erdman First Peter in the Gk. N.T.; Kenneth Wuest (Moody)

In These Last Days (Studies in 2 Pet.) 1, 2, 3 John and Jude; Kenneth Wuest (Moody)

Faith is the Victory (On 1 John); Blaiklock (Paternoster)

The Epistles of John; A. Van Ryn (181 pp., LB)

I John; Wm Kelly

II and III John; Wm. Kelly

(C) The Fellowship (on I John); Guy H. King (127 pp.„ MM&S)

(B) Addresses on the Epistles of John; Ironside (LB)

(B) The Epistle Of Jude; W. Kelly

The Epistle of Jude; Thos. Manton (Geneva Ser. of Commentaries)

Expostition of the Ep. of Jude; Ironside (LB)

The Epistle of John; Westcott (378 pp., Macmillan). For students