Suggestions For Christian Reading

Suggestions For Christian Reading

Between The Testaments:

The Four Hundred Silent Years; Ironside (LB)

(B) From the Exile to the Advent; Wm. Fairweather (210 pp.)

Introductions To The New Testament:

(C) Introduction to the New Testament; H. C. Thiessen (350 pp., Eerd)

Living Messages of the Books of the Bible; G. Campbell Morgan; New Testament Volume (P&I)

(B) The Triumph of the Crucified; Eric Sauer

(C) The Progress of Doctrine in the N. T.; T. D. Bernard (260 pp., Eerd)

(C) Outline Studies in the N. T., Acts to Eph., W. G. Moorehead. Baker

Commentaries On Separate New Testament Books:

The Gospels:

(See also Christ, His Life, Parable and Miracles; and Studies regarding Christ under “Bible Doctrines”)

(B) The Four Gospels; Sam. Ridout

(C) Guide to the Gospels; W. Graham Scroggie (660 pp., P&I) (494 pp., LB)

(C) Expository Thoughts on the Gospels; Ryle (4 vol., Baker)

The Gospels; Kenneth S. Wuest (320 pp., Eerd)

(C) A Harmony of the Gospels for Students of the Life of Christ. A. T. Robertson.

The Characteristic Differences of the Four Gospels; Jukes


(C) Lectures on Matthew; W. Kelly (519 pp., LB)

Notes on Matthew; Ironside (407 pp., LB)

(C) The Divine King, Helen H. Shaw (64 pp., GFPP)

The Gospel Ace, to Matthew; G. Campbell Morgan (H&S)

(B) The Gospel of Matthew; A. C. Gaebelein; 2 vols., 625 pp.

Some Chapters on the Sermon on the Mount; Hogg, Watson (P&I)


(B) An analysis of the Gospel of Mark: Harold St. John (P&I)

The Gospel Acording to Mark; G. C. Morgan (350 pp., OL)

(C) Mark; Wm. Kelly

Evangelical Commentary on Mark; Dr. Ralph Earle (Zon)

(B) Addresses on the Gospel of Mark; Ironside (LB)


(B) Outline Studies in Luke; Griffith-Thomas (406 pp., Eerd.)

Meditations on Luke; A. Van Ryn (278 pp., LB)

Exposition of the Gospel of Luke; Wm. Kelly

The Gospel Ace. to: Luke; G. Campbell Morgan (248 pp., OL)

(C) An Outline of Luke’s Gospel; C. A. Coates (314 pp., Stowe)


(B) Behold My Glory; St. John (60 pp., Paternoster Press)

The Apostle John; Griffith-Thomas (372 pp., P&I)

(B) The Gospel Acc. to John; Campbell Morgan (MM&S)

John; Wm. Kelly

(C) Meditations in John; A. Van Ryn (205 pp., LB)

Exposition of the Gospel of John; A. W. Pink, 3 vols (Zon)

(B) Commentary on the Gospel of John; 2 vols., F. Godet, 1100 pp.

(B) The Central Teaching of Jesus Christ; on chapters 13 to 17; T. D. Bernard (400 pp., McMillan)

His Last Words; Geo. Henderson, on John 13-17 (McCall - Barbour)

St. John; Bp. B. F. Westcott (414 pp., Eerd)


(See Also Bible Characters, Paul)

The Acts of the Holy Spirit; A. T. Pierson (142 pp., P&D

(B) Introduction to the Study of Acts: Stifler

The Acts of the Apostles; C. W. Carter & R. Earle (Zon.)

Outline Studies in Acts; W H. Griffith-Thomas (Eerd.)

The Acts of the Apostles; E. M. Blaiklock (Tyndale Press)

The World Outlook of the Bible; Graham Scroggie (P&p

(C) The Acts; Chas. R. Erdman

(B) Acts of the Apostles; R. B. Rackham (524 pp., Zon.)

(C) The Book of Acts; F. F. Bruce

Harmony of the Acts and Pauline Epistles; Clark


(B) An Outline of Romans; C. A. Coates (245 pp., Stowe)

The Epistle to the Romans; W. E. Vine (224 pp., OL)

(C) The Epistle to the Romans; Moule (437 pp., P&D

(B) A Commentary on the Epistle to the Romans; Chas Hodge (700 pp.) Salvation and Behaviour; Scroggie (154 pp., P&D

Notes on the Ep. to the Romans; W. Kelly (284 pp., Morrish)

(A) Lectures on Romans; Ironside (LB)

The Ep. to the Romans; Jas. M. Stifler (254 pp., Moody)

(C) Bible Class Notes on Romans; Peter J. Pell (200 pp., GFP)

(B) Romans Verse by Verse; W. R. Newell (577 pp., Moody)

Romans; F. Godet (2 vols., T&T Clark)

1 And 2 Corinthians

(B) First Corinthians; W. E. Vine (OL)

Exposition of 1 Corinthians; Hodge (Eerd.)

Exposition of 2 Corinthians; Hodge (Eerd )

The Second Ep. to the Corinthians; Moule (192 pp., P&I)

(C) The Charter of the Church; on 1 Cor., J. R. Caldwell, 2 vols., (P&L. Probably out of print.

1 Corinthians; F. Godet (2 vols., T&T Clark)