Objective Teaching

Objective Teaching


To teach in a Sunday School is to instruct children in the Word of God, in the way of salvation, in the things which build Christian character, and in the moral standards which compare with Bible ethics.

It has been said that teaching is helping the mind to grow as well as to know.

Furthermore, to teach in a Sunday School is to awaken convictions, to guide instincts, and to satisfy heart-hunger. It is to lay a foundation upon which future years may build a strong superstructure.

Someone has asserted that it is not learning or technical skill that makes a teacher; it is the power of inward conviction, the knowledge that one has something real to teach. While this is true, it might be also stated that the more excellent teacher is the one possessing all three: learning, technical skill, and an inward conviction of a real message from God.

“Patterson Dubois, in his book on ‘The Natural Way in Moral Training’, under a biological conception of education, points to four kinds of nurture, viz, nurture by atmosphere, by light, by food, and by exercise.

Education by atmosphere is to nurture the feelings. Scholars’ feelings are to be educated. They can be by direction, deflection and counteraction. Education by light nurtures their vision. To educate is to make truth visible, apt, vivid, wholesome. Education by food gives them material, for which they are hungry, to assimilate. Education by exercise is education by self-expression, and involves choice and will. There is no growth without exercise.”—Schmauk.