Expositions of Colossians abound, many of them of great value, yet each generation seems to call for fresh and new applications of divine truth. Hence this volume.

These lectures have been delivered at many Bible conferences throughout the United States and Canada, and are issued in book form in response to the earnest requests of many who heard them. If read with the open Bible beside them, and thus used not as a substitute for, but as an aid to, the study of the Word itself, it is hoped they may prove helpful to a wider circle of students of the Book of books.

The times are solemn. Old errors are being paraded in new terms, on all sides. Therefore the need of a new examination of this great epistle that so effectively meets the philosophical, mystical, and legalistic speculations of carnal men. May God be pleased to bless these lectures to that end!

—H. A. Ironside

Part 1