Preface To The Revised Edition

H. A. Ironside’s commentary on Daniel was first published in 1911. As might be expected in an exposition of prophetic Scripture, the author examined Bible prophecy in the light of then-current events and wove his observations into the commentary. Decades later some readers find certain of these references a bit puzzling.

During preparation of this third edition we considered the possibility of eliminating or modifying observations that might be considered particularly dated. Ultimately we decided to retain these portions unchanged, believing that they provide valuable insight into the author’s thinking and the way he examined current political events in the light of God’s Word. The fact that none of Dr. Ironside’s conclusions were subsequently invalidated indicates that there is much we can learn from his careful approach.

As the author stated in the preface to the second edition, “Already one can see the handwriting on the wall that tells of the utter collapse of man’s boasted civilization apart from God and the rise of the blasphemous powers predicted in Daniel and the Revelation.”

The Publisher