As a child I wondered about God. What did God expect of me? For what purpose was I put here on earth? Where could I find the answers? Those questions may seem surprising from a child who was baptized and confirmed, a church member and regular Sunday school attender. I learned Bible stories, Bible verses and statements from church creeds. Somehow this material never came together in my mind in an understandable way. Perhaps that was my fault. I suspect, however, that my teachers lacked the ability to communicate clearly the essential teaching necessary for my soul’s eternal welfare. I needed to know the answers to my questions. Somehow my church failed me.

This book has been written to give some answers to essential questions about our relationship to God. Everyone ought to learn the answers to these questions from the only reliable source, God Himself. These answers came by special revelation through the Bible. From the Bible we learn what we could not otherwise know about God and His interactions with people.

Each chapter in this small book addresses a major spiritual issue that is often unclear and confused in the minds of the general public. This confusion also exists, regrettably, in the minds of many church attenders, including some in Bible-teaching churches. Our Bible teachers, taken as a whole but with some exceptions, are not doing a careful job of clarifying vital spiritual truths. Each chapter deserves thoughtful, prayerful consideration. Whether or not you agree with every statement in the chapter, you ought to think about these issues and come to a clear, Biblical conviction about them. May the Holy Spirit guide you in this study because all of us need to be sure of our salvation. Remember this: You yourself must answer before God the question, “Am I a true, born again Christian?” Your answer must be based on Biblical facts, not human hopes. It will determine your eternal destiny. Think this through carefully.