Given In Toronto, Canada, March And April, 1942.

Loizeaux Brothers, Bible Truth Depot,
19 West 21st Street . . New York City

First Edition, June 1942,........3,000


An Explanation

The following addresses are the result of a number of the Lord’s people in Toronto wishing for ministry calculated to help and establish young believers and to lead them on somewhat beyond the fundamentals of the faith. The meetings were well attended to the end, covering a period of about two months and the fellowship was both happy and hearty throughout. What the actual results were we must await the coming day to know, when the fire will try and manifest “every man’s work of what sort it is.” It was a strenuous time for the stenographers, already more or less tired with their usual day’s occupation, taking down the rapid utterances of the speaker; may they find their reward! I am here offering a pronounced apology for constant repetition at times, even to painful reiteration in some of the papers. It is a relief, however, to remember that the infinitely perfect One, during His ministry recorded in the four Gospels, constantly in substance repeated what He had said before to give special emphasis to His teaching, as, for instance, in the parables with small verbal differences. Just here I would pay a loving tribute to the memory of our much esteemed and beloved fellow-laborer,

Mr. Winsor Chase, who was quite an expert in placing somewhat involved sentences with their ambiguity into a clearer light. How much we miss him—gone to glory, since these addresses were given, where all is light!

May the reader discern the Spirit’s teaching, notwithstanding any weakness of the earthen vessel, and reach Christ the blessed One who has said, “He that eateth Me, even he shall live by Me” (John 6:57).