London: Morgan And Chase, Ludgate Hill.
Bristol: W. Mack, 38, Park Street.

The contents of the present volume, except the Critical Kemarks on the Old Testament, are edited from the papers left behind by Mr.Craik. None of them have ever before been printed, though some appear equal to anything published by him during his lifetime. The Critical Remarks on Passages of the Old Testament are from notes taken down in shorthand by Mr. W. Parsons. They appear to be written with great correctness, and were probably read by Mr. Craik, as I have detected slight alterations and additions in the MS. in Mr. Craik’s own handwriting.

The lines, In Memoriam, at the end, were written at the time of Mr. Craik’s decease, by Mr. John Withy.

The volume is devoutly commended to the blessing of God.

W. Elfe Tayler