Books By R. C. Chapman

Choice Hymns and Meditations:

A Collection of Hymns on many portions of God’s Word, with Meditations on the First and Second Chapters of the Song of Songs.

The Hymns Include:

· The Blood of Jesus Shed on Earth.

· My Soul, Amid this Stormy World.

· Once the Lamb of God was Offered.

· With Jesus in our Midst.

· Jesus in His Heavenly Temple.

· No Bone of Thee was Broken.

· Oh! My Saviour Crucified.

· The Lamb of God to Slaughter Led.

· Go, Behold the Tomb of Jesus.

· The Lord of Glory, Who is He?

· “No Condemnation”—O My Soul.

· Hail! Star of Morning.

And 150 other Pieces of refreshing and reviving power to the soul. Blur Cloth, Bevelled Boards, 1/6; (For Presentation, 6 Copies supplied for 6/, or 12 for 10/, post free;) Leather, Gilt Edges, 2/6, post free.

Seventy Years of Pilgrimage:

The only Book Edited by Mr. Chapman.

Being a Memorial of William Hake, by R. C. Chapman, his fellow-labourer for fifty-nine years, with select Papers by Mr. Hake. Incidents concerning these two men of faith, Instructive Remembrances, and Spiritual Thoughts, Poems, Music, &c.

Blue Cloth, Bevelled Boards, 1 6, post free.

Choice Sayings:

A Collection of over 800 Striking and Profitable Comments on Great Truths. Revised by Himself.

Cloth Limp, 1/; boards, 1/6; Leather, 3/.

Precious Portions for the People of God, from several Addresses to Believers. Selected by J. R. Caldwell. Cloth, Gilt Title, 6d.

Testimony of R. C. Chapman. His Conversion Story, with Photo. A Gospel Message. 1/per 100, post free.

Cabinet Photographs. Full Face or Profile, 1/6 each, post free.

Glasgow: Pickering & Inglis, 73 Bothwell Street. London: H. A. Raymond, 16 Paternoster Square, E.C.

And Through All Booksellers.