Song of Solomon 2:8-14

Song of Solomon

Chapter 2:8-14


Listen to the voice of the beloved as He calls to you:
up, my love, my fair one and come away.
For lo, winter is past, the rain is over and gone.
  The flowers appear on the earth.
  The time of singing has come…


Do those words move your soul?
  I think you would have to be a bit wooden, not to mention
 to not be moved by the
words of the bridegroom to you His bride.
They express the desire of His heart toward you and me.
 Not only do they speak prophetically of a day
to come, when we will hear the bridegroom call us home, for “
The Lord Himself shall descend from heaven
with a shout, with the voice of the arch angel and the trump of God, and the
dead in Christ shall rise first.
we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds
to meet the Lord in the air.
  And so
shall we ever be with the Lord
” (1 Thes. 4:16-17)
  These are indeed words of comfort to a weary heart. (1 Thes.
4:18) but these words also speak to our hearts of a present reality.


These words of the bridegroom speak of a present desire in
the heart of our beloved.
  We hear in
these precious words, the desire in the heart of the beloved Son of God for
your fellowship and mine.
   He calls to
us, day after day saying; “
Rise up… and
come away

  “I have brought
deliverance to you, I have seen you through the winter and the rain and storms
of sin’s hold on you have past.
  I have
made things new, “
flowers appear””.
  Yet far too often, my beloved saints, we do
not heed His call.
  We have allowed the
things of life to deaden our ears to His still small voice.
  He desires to fill your heart with singing,
He longs to satisfy your deepest longings with water from His bottomless well
yet we too quickly become satisfied with the “
cisterns, broken cisterns that hold no water.” (Jer. 2:13)
  The prophet under inspiration of the Holy
Spirit spoke words that resonate through all ages down to our own condition
For My people have committed two evils; They have forsaken Me, the
fountain of living water
and hewn for
cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water

  What cisterns have we “hewn”, to try and
fill our lives and satisfy the soul ?


Your beloved desires to “…
rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you in His love. He will
rejoice over you with singing

 (Zep. 3:17)
disappointed He must be when we do not appear before Him.


O, my beloved brethren, may we hear His call, and set aside
the busyness and business of the day, and “Rise up…” and heed the Beloved’s
call, and “…come away”
  You will not
regret it.


O Christ He is the fountain the deep sweet well of
  The streams on earth I’ve tasted,
more deep I’ll drink above.
  There too
an ocean’s fullness.
  His mercy doth
expand, and glory, glory dwelleth, in Immanuel’s land