On the Hunt

Former President Bush (Sr.) declared
the Cold War to be over, that we were entering a new age of peace and co-operation
in the world. President Clinton* is working hard at dismantling our military
weapons. The "Star Wars" initiative, with its billions of dollars invested,
is dropped as unnecessary. Peace just around the corner is the clarion cry of
our political leaders.

Environmentalists and animal
rights groups tell us we need to be at peace with our environment, for we all
share one world and are equally entitled to enjoy its unalienable rights to
"life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." People (except the unborn or
old or unproductive), animals, and plants are all on the same level, so let's
get along.

Then there are "evangelicals"
who preach that we are the kingdom of God and are to bring about the great Age
of Peace through political involvement. If we can only elect enough Christians
we can bring about Christ's peace and His kingdom to our world.

Do you notice the common
denominator there? World peace. What a hope! A person would be a fool not to
join in, wouldn't he? Many Christians are embracing this great push for world

But before you join Green
Peace, or run for President, I would like you to read four books that will cause
you to think about what we as Christians need to be doing, and the kind of peace
these people are pursuing. All four are written by Dave Hunt, who has been sounding
the alarm about what is happening in this world, its politics and psychology,
for the last fifteen years or so. He has written more than 20 books. The four
I would like you to read, deal with prophecy.

The first one, written in
1983, is entitled, Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust. Dealing
with the New Age Network and its common interest in a one-world government/religion,
it demonstrates that the Bible predicts Antichrist will ride a white horse of
universal dominion and bring peace to Israel, causing it to be completely unprepared
for invasion from the north. A compelling look at the signs of the times.

Looking at the church--its
present involvement in the political arena and its message of prosperity and
the kingdom on earth--Whatever Happened to Heaven is an eye-opening look
at the new disguise of post-millennialism: Dominion Theology. This is not a
new doctrine, but an old one re-inserted into today's thinking. This book contains
an excellent overview of church history and its penchant for marriage to the

If Antichrist is to be given
such great acclaim by the world, how will it be done? What incredible political,
economic, and social upheavals will induce men to turn to such a leader? A scenario
that reads like today's newspaper is given in Global Peace. The stage is being
set for its unfolding under the direction of Antichrist.

On the heels of reading
Global Peace, read his latest book, How Close Are We? It is a powerful defense
for the pre-tribulational rapture of the church. In a day when this is being
strongly assailed, this book demonstrates from Scripture and scriptural implications
that a pre-trib rapture position is the only defensible position one can take
and still believe in a literal and dispensational interpretation of the Bible.
He shows that the church in the first three centuries believed in the imminent
return of the Lord. An excellent appendix gives a bibliography of these men
and their belief in the coming of the Lord.

As in all books on prophecy,
especially those that deal with current events, you may not agree with every
scenario presented. I was uncomfortable with his interpretation of some scriptures.
However, this does not take away from the thrust or intent of the books. They
are a solid, logical, and scriptural view of prophetic events that are unfolding
before our eyes. They made me newly aware of the any-moment coming of our Lord
and clarified a central doctrine of the Church--that His return is imminent.

*Editor's note: this article was written in June 1993