How Can Revival Come to an Assembly

2 Chronicles 7

What do we mean by revival?

Webster says that:

Revival means to live again.

To become active and flourishing again.

To be restored from a depressed, inactive state.

To be renewed in mind and spirit.

From earliest times godly men have longed for revival.

Habakkuk 3:1-2

“O Lord revive your work in the midst of they years, in the midst of the years make Yourself known.”

In my lifetime.

The sons of Korah prayed: Psalm 85:4-6

“Restore us, O God of our salvation, Will you not ‘revive’ us again, that your people may ‘rejoice’ in you.”

Consider Ezekiel 37. The valley of dry bones.

The bones are very dry. v. 2

Hear the Word of the Lord. v. 4

The bones came together. v.7

There was no life in them. v. 8

The Spirit of God came into each one of them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet an exceeding great host. v. 10

The Holy Spirit’s power.


We are like a sleeping giant. Gulliver’s giant.

We need a fresh touch from God.

We need a convicting (quickening) movement of the Holy Spirit in our midst.

Like Lazarus, we need to be loosed from the grave-clothes binding us. “Loose him and let him go.”

We need to strip ourselves of every encumbrance and every sin that clings to us and entangles us (earthbound). Heb 12.

David asks (Psalm 24):

Who shall go up into the mountain of the Lord?

Who shall stand in His Holy Place?

He that has clean hands and a pure heart. He who hath not lifted up himself unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. Four traits of character.

Hands … heart … soul … lips.

Before revival can come we must be free from all contamination and defilement … we must be cleansed within and without.

Step two on the way to revival is paved with stringent, but clear spiritual laws.

These laws are found in verse of Scripture written in 500 B. C.

These laws have never been changed or modified.

Quote 2 Chronicles 7:14

“If My people who are called by My name shall humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

The first step to revival and blessing is that we humble ourselves. Note the divine order. First humbling then prayer

The meaning of being humble.

Showing a consciousness of our defects and shortcomings. The complete absence of pride. This work is too heavy for me. Ex 18:18.

The Spirit of submission. Submitting-yielding-surrender. Submission to God’s will and God’s Word. Bending the knee.


Paul … the Lord Phil 2 … Isaiah 6.

Submission leads to sanctification and finally to consecration.

In this pristine state we bow crushed and broken before the Lord.

God can only we broken things.

Mary’s alabaster box … little boy’s lunch … Lord’s body.

Potter and the marred vessel. Jeremiah 18:18.

To humble one’s self before our brethren and before God is one of the most difficult things to do.

But it is one of the most effective means to reach the heart of God and draw forth His blessing.

Humbling one’s self … submission … obedience … blessing.

There is power in humbling one’s self.

Hezekiah, “humbled himself” from the pride of his heart. 2 Chron 32:26.

Manasseh in his affliction “humbled himself” greatly before the Lord. 2 Chron 33:12

Josiah, God blessed Josiah because his heart was tender and he humbled himself before the Lord. 2 Ch 24:27.

These three men were leaders in three of the greatest revivals in Israel’s history

Isaiah 51:15

“For thus says the high and lofty one – He who inhabits eternity, Whose name is Holy. I dwell in the high and holy place, but with him also who is of a thoroughly penitent and humble spirit to revive the spirit of the humble and to revive the heart that is thoroughly bruised with sorrow for sin.”


The mighty power of God swept through the remote Hebredian islands as the simple crafters and fisherman called a fast, and an assembly, in deep humility of soul.

They cried to God, they implored, they entreated Him, to come and save their families and friends.

They prayed with humble broken hearts, and tear-stained faces.

Despite physical fatigue, they continued in long and painful travail of soul, beseeching God to save souls.

These humble believers had a burning passion for lost souls.

Finally, God answered with a mighty revival and many were swept into the kingdom.

Humbling ourselves before God is the first of four steps to become active and flourishing again.

To be restored from a depressed inactive state.

To be revived in mind and spirit.

“I will revive those who are thoroughly penitent and of a humble spirit.” Isa 57:15.

To see revival, we must know what utter dependence upon God is humility, we must know how to pray effectually and fervently, we must also seek the Lord’s face. Turn your eyes upon Jesus.

In the O.T. context it was unlawful for anyone to burst into the kings presence uninvited.

There was a tremendous risk involved. Life or death.

At her uncle Mordecai’s insistence Esther, the Queen, resolved to break through every barrier, overcome all obstacles put her life on the line, and enter the immediate presence of King Ahasuerus.

“If I perish I perish.” Esther 4:16 Give the reason for this. Haman’s plot.


She called on the Jews to fast and pray for three days. Then she broke through protocol, diplomatic and social codes, and conventional customs. She was a determined lady. Because of her faith in God and the intense preparations of fasting and prayer she was received by the King and made her request for the deliverance of her people, and the Jewish nation was saved from extinction. She sought the King … she saw the King … she involved the heart of the King and saved her people.

Eccl 9:4 “Where the word of the king is, there is power.

Moses – John the Baptist – The Lord – Paul POWER

There is unlimited-unsurpassed-and immeasurable power in being able to break through the barriers, the principalities, the powers, and spiritual wickednesses that hinder us and enter into the Lord’s presence and see His face.

Elijah in the cave – the shut door.

Acts 4:12 Filled with Spirit – man’s figuration

Men who met the Master … hear Him.

Moody – the world is to see … by the Grace of God I will be that man.”

Peniel, Jacob said, “I have seen God face to face.”

“He spent a whole night with God.” Israel—A prince with God.

Then began the most fruitful part of Jacob’s life. Gen 32

“Glorious holiness – fearful in praises – Omnipotent in power.”

Moses entered the tabernacle and “God spoke to him face to face, as a man speaketh to his friend.” His shining face. Moses was equipped, empowered and strengthened with the assurance that God’s presence would go with Him.

Ex 33 – Moses and the burning bush.

Ch 5 – Joshua – the siege of Jericho – he met the Captain of the Lord’s hosts face to face. Theophany.

From this point Joshua was equipped and empowered to conquer all his enemies.

Those who saw the Lord were the most effective for Him.

Paul saw the Lord several times.

The apostle John saw Him. Mary. Thomas – “My Lord, etc.”

Isaiah saw the Lord (Isa 60). Watch the sequence.

Revelation. “Saw the Lord high and lifted up.”


Confession. Confessed his unworthiness – uncleanness- the people’s sinfulness. “Woe is me I am undone.”

Sanctification. Live-cool-touched lips-iniquity taken away and his sin purged.

Consecration. Who will go for us? “Here I am. Send me.”

The Command. “Go tell this people.”

McCheyne. St. Mary’s Dundee.

In each of these instances where the Lord was seen fact to face there was a release of divine power. Revival.

From Pentecost until now there has not been a spiritual awakening in any land which has not begun in fervent, effectual prayer.

No movement has continued to prosper after the intensity of prayer has declined.

Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscles of Omnipotence.

Consider Elijah’s agonizing before God.

From the dried up brook Elijah was commanded to go to Zarephath. 1 Kings 17.

There a widow sustained him—Death claimed the widow’s son.

Describe the cries of the prophet. Alone with God. Shut the door.

“Elijah cried to the Lord.” Twice.

In his crying he implored-pleaded-entreated-appealed to God as he assailed the throne.

He cried out in desperation—he struggled and wrestled with God. He asked for the impossible.

No one prior to this had ever been raised from the dead.

Almighty God heard the urgent and compelling cry of His servant, and the child was raised to life. Revived.

Elijah was not a superman.

He was a man jut like us—he was weak—stubborn—head strong—impatient—impetuous—impulsive—nervous—short fused—and on occasions faithless.

There is one outstanding difference – his prayer life.

Our prayers are not as earnest, passionate, intense, nor as full of faith. Many of God’s servants communed intimately with God in seclusion – Moses, Joseph, David, Jeremiah – honed and polished.

Elijah said to Ahab.

“There is a sound of abundance of rain.” Ch 18:41.

There is a gap between the sound of abundance of rain and the sight of abundance of rain. Ahab fed the flesh in the palace. Elijah bridged this gap on his face prostrate before God. V. 42 “He cast himself down on the earth and put his head between his knees.”

He lay on his face before God in agony of spirit. Describe James 5:17-18.

Elisha at Dothan. 2 Kings 6

“Open the eyes of this young man.” Our assembly at prayer, Peter released. Acts 12

The sin of unbelief – Capernaum. No might works.

Effectual prayer

Like Elijah we must agonize before God.

We must pray effectually.

We must pray fervently.

His whole being was boiling and burning with a blazing zeal as he prayed to God.

The fourth essential for revival is that we turn from our sinful ways.

What are some of the sinful ways we should turn from?

God hates pride Prov 8:13.

Pride. Sardis had a name but it was dead.

Pretending – play acting. Cold-legalistic-loveless.

Form of godliness … but no power.

Chief dangers of the 20th century. Gen. Booth

Religion without the Spirit … Christianity without Christ… Forgiveness without regeneration … morality without God … heaven without hell.

The Spirit Jn. 3, Jn. 4, Jn. 7.

1. Acts 5—Hypocrisy … Annanias … Sophira. Sincere. Phil 1:10. Lying. Sins in the early Church.

2. Acts 6—Sin was dealt with. Word of God increased, disciples multiplied greatly. Ponder, Great company of priests were saved.

Murmuring-Criticism. Michal, David’s wife-daughter of Saul. Describe. “She was barren until the day of her death.”

Lukewarmness – Laodicea

We have left our first love. Ephesian church.

“I know your works, labor of love and your endurance.”

Ephesus was standing up for the truth. It was a busy church. It was full of good works – it had an active program – but there was no blessing.

It was standing for the truth.

“I know you cannot bear them that are evil.”

The things that went on in Corinth would not have been tolerated in Ephesus.

A very high standard of Christian living was expected of those in fellowship.

Despite this high standard there was no power.

They guarded their platform.

“They tried those who claimed to be apostles, and exposed them as liars.”

Paul would have needed a letter of commendation to fellowship there.

There was no false doctrine in Ephesus. But there was no blessing.

Ephesus was standing the test.

“You have endured and for My name’s sake you have labored and have not fainted.”

It was not easy going to Ephesus – Diana’s stronghold.

They were criticized and opposed by the world, but they never gave up.

They kept on year after year despite lack of fruit and poor results.

They may not have been fruitful, but they were faithful.

They struggled on, and God commended them for it.

The cause of no power and no blessing, they had lost their first love.

But God condemned them for losing their first love.

The second condition for revival is prayer.

Humility is first … prayer is second.

The power of prayer

Andrew Bonar – John Welch – Spurgeon – Daniel

See Luke Ch 11 “Lord, teach us to pray.”

No believer is greater than his prayer life.

No assembly is greater than its prayer life.

The church has many organizers – but few agonizers.

There are many who are enterprising – but few who are interceding.

Tithes may build a church – tears will give it life. The Lord shed tears in His ministry.

Strong crying and tears – grave of Lazarus – Jerusalem.

“They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” Psalm 126:5-6

“He that goeth forth weeping, bearing precious seed shall doubtless come again rejoicing-bringing his sheaves with him.” General Booth of the Salvation Army, “Try Tears”

In many modern churches the emphasis is on paying. In the early church the emphasis was on praying. Acts 1.

When they have prayed the place is taken.

When the early church prayed the shaken. Acts 6:31.

When the infant church prayed, Peter was liberated.

The POWER of PRAYER. Archimedes – British 7 Foreign Bible.

Why are there still untold millions who have never heard the Gospel of Christ. Assembly area.

Why are there so many impatient believers … dumb priests – spiritual dwarfs?

Why is there such a restlessness among? Them-Us.

It is because prayer closets are empty.

Family altars are broken down.

It is because so any are worshipping at the world’s string.

John wrote, “Little children keep yourselves from idols” 1 John 5:21

Beloved, the spiritual attitudes of humility and prayer will move the hand of Him who moves the Universe.

When God’s people are right with Him.

When His servants are right with Him, the Word will flow irresistibly toward men and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Considering these truths, we must conclude that our prayers are ineffective because of our carnal condition.

There is sin in the Camp … death in the pot.

Unconfessed sin. See Heb 12. The sin of unbelief.

Examples of humility and prayer.

Leah had four laughing children around her.

Barren Rachel was despised.

Describes Rachel coming to Jacob. “Give me children or I die.”

Describe Jacob’s feelings.

God heard that disconsolate and desperate cry and opened Rachel’s womb and gave her Joseph, through whom God saved the nation.

John Knox, the great Scottish reformer prayed and agonized before God. He cried from the depth of a humble and believing heart, “Give me Scotland or I die.”

Consider sobbing Hannah in the sanctuary.

Greatly disturbed in her soul, she prayed and wept bitterly before the Lord.

Her rival had children… she had none.

She poured out her heart to the Lord.

God answered her prayer, her sincerity, her faith and humility and gave her Samuel who became the greatest prophet in Israel. Spiritual children. Ezek 3:17-18

God answered true believing prayer.

If God answers prayers, why is it that so many of our prayers go unanswered. Revival never comes!

One reason is that even though we go through the rituals and motions expected of us, we have not heeded the exhortation of Hebrews 12.

Lay aside every weight – and the sin that entangles us

Demas, 2 Tim 4 – Paul castaway.

Please note the seriousness of sin. Miriam’s criticism.

Num 12, Num 20 – Miriam fades out of the scene – she also lost her song (Exodus 15)

Consider also Michael, David’s wife (2 Sam 6). She was barren.

The sin of Aachan war coveteousness. Joshua 7.

Bar of god … 200 shekels of silver … garment.

Watch the sifting process. The defeat at Ai. Josh 7.

The tribe of Judah was set aside. Family of Judah.

The family of the Zerahites was separated. Man by man past them. Zabdi was taken and he brought his household man by man. Aachan was found out.

Psalm 66:18

“If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.” Apply.

Our lives must be clean before divine blessing and divine powers can flow and revival can come.

God’s conditions for revival are:

1. Get rid of our pride

2. Get rid of our prayerlessness. Unbelief

3. Get rid of our inability to break through God’s holy presence.

4. We must confess and forsake our sins.

If we do these things God has promised to do three things:

1. I will hear from heaven

2. I will forgive confessed sins

3. I will heal the land. God never breaks a promise.

“O, Lord, revive renew, your work in our day, in our day make yourself known.” Hab. 3:2.

Revival will not come by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, saith the Lord.

Watch how this worked in Elijah’s life. 1 Kings 17

Death of the widow’s son.

It is recorded twice that Elijah cried to the Lord.

In his crying he implored—he pleaded—he entreated—he appealed to God.

As he assailed God’s throne he cried out in desperation, he struggled and wrestled with God.

He asked for the impossible.

No one had ever been raised from the dead prior to this. God answered, and the young lad was brought back to life.

James 5:16

The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous man, makes tremendous power available, dynamic in its working.

Revival can come and will come when we meet God’s unalterable conditions.

Let me close with this story. The Hebrideem Revival.