Prayers of the Lord in Luke

Prayer is the portal or door of service.

Luke 3:21-22—Before public service there is prayer.

Luke 5:16—As an escape from popularity. We need to be desecularized and decarnalized. Reputation is formed before men, character is formed in the presence of God.

Luke 6:12, 13:20-28—Prayer and the twelve all night.

Luke 9:28-29—Prayer at transfiguration.

Luke 22:31-32—Prayer for Peter’s preservation in the hour of Satanic assault. Greater is He that is in us, etc. If God be for us, etc.

Luke 22:39-46—Agonizing prayer in Gethsemane.

Our weakest point is after victory. Consider Hebrews 4:15-16.

Romans 8—The work of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life. The Spirit is our intercessor on earth. The Lord is in glory. The Father is on the throne.

v. 40—Many were evidently arrested. The multitudes were astonished. The message went home.

v. 41—Others were absolutely convinced that “He was the Christ”. See chapter 3.

They saw in Him the promised Messiah, the King, the Son of David.

Some objected—They always thought of Him as a Galilean. They were misinformed.

They knew that the Messiah would be the Son of David, and that he would be born in Bethlehem. In this ignorance they did not know the facts.

The result was that some said He is the Prophet, others said He is the Christ, others objected, others hated and despised Him, and still others would have slain Hi.

Some day the question will be forever settled for Jews and Gentiles.

v. 45—These officers had been sent several days before (v. 32) to arrest the Lord. They had watched for a convenient opportunity.

v. 47—The Pharisees were furious. You are deceived. We don’t believe on Him, He breaks the law. He heals on the Sabbath day. He is cursed and the people are cursed and you are cursed for believing in Him.

v. 50—To His defense comes Nicodemas in John 3 and John 19:34.

v. 51—He invoked Deuteronomy 1:17, 17:8; 19:15. the law required that every accused person should be granted a hearing and be able to cross-examine the witnesses against Him.

v. 52—They could not answer this but took to ridiculing and sneering. They accused him of being a follower and berated the intelligence of this great teacher.