1 Peter 4

v. 1—The word “forasmuch” links the theme of chapter 3 with the first six verses of chapter 4.

Peter reminds his brethren who were suffering for Christ that he also suffered while here in the body. We also must be prepared to suffer. Then Peter drops another of his had-to-understand statements, that the one who “suffers in the body has ceased from sin.” What he means by this is that where we have the mind of Christ and we patiently suffer and resist all temptation in an effort to please God we are kept from sin.

v. 2—In this condition the believer no longer spends his life pleasing his human appetites and desires, but he lives to do the will of God.

Two kinds of life are suggested here:

1. The will of the flesh—fulfilling its lustful desires.

2. The will of God—which could include suffering.

v. 3—Two periods of time are also mentioned:

1. “The time part of our life.” During this time we lived as the heathen did. Described in the remainder of the verse.

2. The second period is suggested in the words “the rest of his time” from conversion. This is the remainder of our life on earth, this should be under the control of the Holy Sprit and be for the glory of God.

v. 4—The worldling cannot understand this kind of life and even pass judgment on the believer.

v. 5—Those who slander believers for their godly living will some day be judged by God.

Judgment for all men is certain:

1. The judgment seat of Christ.

2. The judgment of “the living nations.”

3. The judgment of “the great white throne.”

v. 6—Because of these judgments, says Peter, the Gospel is preached to them who are dead in sin, so that they may be saved and life for God upon the earth.