The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Holy Spirit, Lord and Life Giver. By John Williams. Neptune, N.J.: Loizeaux Brothers, 1980. 320 pp. $8.50.

It is difficult to write a purely doctrinal treatise in a lucid, easy-to-read style. Notwithstanding, John Williams in this regard has been quite successful in giving us this volume on the Person and work of God the Holy Spirit. The material is presented in a very expeditious manner so that the student may refer to it with pleasure, as well as with confidence.

This textbook is an excellent reference work and is not too hard to read.

The content of the 28 chapters is not only of high quality, but it is exceptionally well organized, suitable for “ready reference” work in any library.

The book is divided into seven “Parts” or sections. These are entitled:

Part I — The Lord, the Spirit

Part II — The Holy Spirit and the Word

Part III — The Holy Spirit and the Church

Part IV — The Holy Spirit and the Christian

Part V — Baptism in the Spirit

Part VI — Special Ministries of the Holy Spirit

Part VII — The Holy Spirit in the Scriptures

The three chapters in Part V dealing with the “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” are of special importance today when extravagant and fictitious claims are being made relative to miraculous powers; claims which in some places are hurting the testimony of the Lord and are perplexing many of God’s people.

Each one of the chapters merits, a very close perusal.

The volume closes with an expanded bibliography which may prove very helpful to the Bible student.

Here are some 300 pages of sound Biblical teaching which we strongly recommend.

A Study Guide to the book has been prepared by the author of this splendid volume. It is suitable for either group or individual studies. In this guide there are 27 visuals from which transparencies for overhead projection may easily be made. These are in a removable section in the centre of the booklet.

One would be well advised to secure the guide, for it is really the complement of the original work. It contains much expert instruction, information, and many helpful deductions and conclusions.

The price of the Study Guide is $3.25.

—James Gunn