The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Prince of Darkness, by Fredk. A. Tatford. Prophetic Witness Publishing House: Sussex, England, n.d. 118 pp.

This book is an excellent study of the history of Satan, of his struggle against God, and of his many failures. It reveals in chronological order the touch of Satan’s hand in the significant events of the past and future. The book begins by substantiating from Scripture that Satan is a created being and not a principle. It then proceeds to deal with Satan’s fall — its cause and effect. (Whether or not you agree that a gap exists between Genesis 1:1 & 2, you will find an excellent treatment of the subject in the chapter dealing with the effects of Lucifer’s fall.).

Satan’s modus operandi in Eden, during the days of Noah, at Babel, against Israel, against the Messiah and against the Church is developed with proficiency.

Dr. Tatford touches on such matters as:

· Where there is the concern indicated in God’s Word over the construction of the Tower of Babel (i.e., “And now will they be hindered in nothing that they meditate doing.” Gen. 11:6, JND).

· The ten plagues of Egypt. Their selection takes on greater significance with the author’s development of his statement that “the ten plagues … were not arbitrarily chosen … each one being directed against one or more of the false deities in whom the Egyptians trusted”.

· The temptation. This subject is treated with dignity. There is no schizophrenic Jesus here. The author’s skill in handling words is evident. In fact, you will need a dictionary at your side. Do not, however, let this deter you as it affords an opportunity to learn some new words and increase one’s word power.

Alternate views are sometimes given with proper respect for other explanations, yet the reader is not left with any uncertainty as to the writer’s position. If he doesn’t know, he says so. When the thoughts of others are used, proper credit is given. It is unfortunate, however, that footnotes are not used giving references.

This book is a must for any library.

—Joseph M. Cumming