Book Corner

Book Corner

White, Douglas M. The Excellence of Exposition. Neptune, NJ: Loizeaux Brothers, 1977. 191 pp. $4.25.

In his forward to this instructive and helpful book, Dr. Stephen F. Olford seizes upon the author’s own words for his opening statement: “Preaching is primary … but expository preaching is paramount.”

In this valuable volume Dr. Douglas M. White has revised and enlarged his 1952 volume, He Expouned, now long out of print. Some three years ago I reviewed the expanded manuscript at the request of Loizeaux Brothers and was favorably impressed with the contents.

The Book centers around two main sections: “A Plea for Expository Preaching” and “A Plan for Expository Preaching.” In the first section the author traces the evidences of expository preaching from the Old and New Testament, and then its progress from the first century to the present time with an appraisal of its virtues. In the second section he presents the distinction and diversity of exposition, expounding on its technique, providing many text examples and possibilities, and then furnishing the reader with a complete sample sermon.

Dr. White writes with today’s preachers in mind. This being so, it is my sincere hope that his book will be widely read and used under God’s good hand to influence, motivate and help many students, preachers and teachers of the Word to undertake the disciplined yet rewarding task of expository preaching.

The book would make a splendid gift for students, pastors and teachers, its attractive and durable hardcover binding being reasonably priced, at least from the standpoint of today’s inflated publishing costs.

I earnestly and enthusiastically commend this volume to our reader family.

— W. Ross Rainey