The Book Corner

The Book Corner

The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts, By William McRae, Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich., 1976. 141 pp. Paper, $1.75.

Today’s emphasis on charismatic renewal by growing numbers of evangelicals (and other!) has focused attention on the “miracle gifts” of the Holy Spirit, including Prophecying, Miracles, Healings, Tongues, and Interpretation of Tongues, particularly. As a result, many questions have been raised. Aren’t these gifts for today as well as for the first century of the church? If so, should I seek one or more? Is my Christian life lacking if I manifest none of these? Can I be filled with the Spirit without showing it by speaking in tongues? How can I determine from Scripture whether or not the miracle gifts were temporary? Etc.

William McRae’s book, The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts, deals with the complete doctrine of Scripture relative to all the gifts of the Spirit, not just the miracle gifts. His thorough, scholarly approach, however, provides the earnest inquirer with sound Biblical bases for answering the above questions and many more.

This book is an excellent text for the student, all relevant Scriptures are quoted and discussed; difficult questions are faced honestly and answered carefully. At the same time, the simple, logical, progression of thought, the vivid examples from contemporary life, and the excellent drawings, combine to make the book easy for a “babe in Christ” to assimilate. There is, in addition, a warmth of devotion to Christ, and an exhortation to readers to live for Christ, that shine through the pages.

McRae’s full discussion of the five lines of evidence for the temporary nature of the miracle gifts is particularly good!

To this reviewer’s knowledge, The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts is William McRae’s first major publication. Let us hope it is only the first of many.