Book Corner

Book Corner

Let Me Be A Woman. By Elisabeth Elliot. Wheaton, Ill: Tyndale House Publishers, 1976. 190 pp. $5.95.

If you have ever tried to explain a woman’s role in society as set down in the Scripture, then you will appreciate Elisabeth Elliot’s current title. She struggles for all who deeply believe in the role God has set forth for us.

This is a series of essays written to her daughter Valerie, who at the time was about to be married. The author explains with Scripture and illustration what she feels is God’s role for women. She goes to great length to logically show that a woman’s role of submission “is her very strength” (p. 153). She states that “equality is, for one thing, a human impossibility in marriage” (p. 142).

To those Christian women seeking support for their convictions this title will be a great encouragement to them. However, the reader must be patient, for in this reviewer’s opinion Elliot at times becomes very wordy in attempting to clarify an issue. Yet, she will make the Christian woman realize that the only really liberated woman is the one whose life has been committed to Christ.

Elisabeth Elliot is a very gifted and skilled writer. We should commend her for taking up the task of answering the many women who would convince us that the traditional role of women is passe. I highly recommend this title to all women, single or married.

— Mrs. Kermit Walter

Mrs. Kermit Walter has a master’s degree in library science and is in fellowship at Lake Pointe Bible Chapel, Plymouth, Mich., the Editor’s home assembly.