Book Corner

Book Corner

Born Again. By Charles W. Colson. Published by Chosen Books, Inc. and distributed by Fleming H. Revell Company, Old Tappan, New Jersey, 1976. 351 pages; cloth, $8.95.

An outstanding book! A remarkable document! A person’s insight into a great moment of recent history!

Reviews of “Chuck” Colson’s epic narrative have appeared frequently in both the secular and religious press. It seems almost a redundancy to pen yet another. Not all readers of Focus, however, may yet have read Born Again. The former life of its author, associated so much with the intrigue and disgrace of Watergate—the length of the book—its complex detail of persons, dates, and events—its mixture of politics and “religion”—all of these may have deterred many from plunging in.

Let nothing deter you! For several reasons the Colson odyssey has great impact. First of all, it is an excellent first-hand description, by a major staff member, of the inner turmoil and discussions swirling around the White House during Watergate. This account will undoubtedly contribute to our eventual over-all knowledge of what really occurred.

Again, Colson’s story provides a dramatic picture of the prison conditions he encountered. It does not appear that, for him at least, there was any favoured treatment. The somberness, hopelessness and tragedy of prison life are all here. So, too, is its effect upon him, resulting in his dedication, after his release, to seek the social and spiritual betterment of prisoners.

Thirdly, and much more important, is the miraculous change which led Charles Colson to accept Christ as Saviour, and to live for Him! Out of the depths of humiliation and despair has come a redeemed life — “Born Again.”

Finally, the vigorous support, love, and help of other Christians is an example for us all in our daily walk. Those who led Chuck to Christ and who provided friendship and spiritual help to the new Christian, are all documented here.

This book is recommended not only for your own enjoyment, but as an excellent loan (or gift!) to an interested friend or neighbour. In view of the recency of Watergate, it has extra value at present.