Book Review

Book Review

Lands of the Middle East, by Fredk. A. Tatford, Sussex, Eng.: Bible and Advent Testimony Movement, n. d. 150 pp. Paper, 7s. 6d.

The chapters of this charming book are based on tours conducted over a period of years by its distinguished author, Dr. Frederick A. Tatford, but for the purpose of this book, the tours have been merged into one.

We are taken from “The City of the Caesars” to Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel and Greece. In addition to the vivid and interesting descriptions of so many different places centering upon Israel proper, as well as other Bible lands, the book is generously garnished with photographs, not to mention the enjoyable touches of humor throughout. Also, it was a nice surprise to me personally to find a couple of references to my uncle, Mr. Leslie S. Rainey, now serving the Lord in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. However, Mr. Rainey is not a graduate of Wheaton College, as mistakenly stated on p. 110, but of Dallas Theological Seminary.

For the price, you simply cannot beat this ‘trip’ to Lands of the Middle East, and thus far I know of no better way to take such a journey unless, of course, we could personally join the author on just such a tour. At least this is the next best thing to sharing in such a privilege, and I, for one, heartily recommend this delightfully informative and easy-to-read account out of the author’s wide experience.