Book Review

Book Review

I will Build My Church: James Gunn; Walterick Publishers, Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A.; 156 pages.

Mr. Gunn is the leader of the Men’s Bible Class which meets in Toronto, Ontario, every two weeks during the winter and spring months. This book of 12 chapters results from the lectures of the year 1966 - 67.

This book deals with the fundamental biblical principles of the Church; is concise, and easy to read and understand. The argument develops simply and naturally without lengthy digressions. To aid the understanding, each chapter concludes with a list of ten questions, the same questions as were used in the Bible Class. The reader may, by these, test his comprehension of the subject.

The principles dealt with include structure, leadership, government, spiritual gifts, ordinances and discipline. Numerous scriptural references are also included by which one may study for himself each passage from which the conclusions are drawn.

Although Church organization may seem a rather prosaic subject, Mr. Gunn treats it in a refreshing manner, and there are many areas which always excite interest, such as the place of women in the Church, discipline etc.

The chapter entitled Christendom versus Christianity is very interesting.

I recommend this volume because of the importance of its subject, the ease with which it can be read in these busy days of our crowded lives, the interest in it, and the profit to be derived from a better understanding of God’s purposes for us in our assembly function and worship.

In spite of its small size, it is useful as a reference to the various Scriptures dealing with the different aspects of Church life and service; and this, even apart from Mr. Gunn’s logical expositions of the many passages.

George T. Mair M.B. C.R.C.S. (C) F.R.C.S. (ED.)