Book Review

Book Review

The Spreading Flame — F. F., Bruce, Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. Grand Rapids, Mich. U.S.A.

Actually, this volume contains three books: The Dawn of Christianity which introduces the story of the infant Church up to the fall of Jerusalem to Titus in A.D. 70. The Growing Day embraces Christian history from A.D. 70 through to the accession of the Roman Emperor Constantine in A.D. 313. Light in the West presents the development of Christianity and Christendom throughout Europe until it spread to the English speaking world.

Dr. Bruce, professor of Biblical History and Literature at the University of Sheffield, England, not only knows Church history, but he makes that knowledge easily accessible in th’s volume.

The author writes, “Christianity was organized for catastrophe.” This the early Christians knew for Christ and His Apostles had forewarned them.

The trial and afflictions endured by the first century Christians appear as a challenge to the reader. It is obvious that the more they were persecuted the more they multiplied. They had a message of light, and the darkness could not confine it.

The primative Church was prepared to take up and carry forward the Lord’s great commission in a spirit of obedience and devotion, and the results of her efforts were in evidence all over the world.

This volume is not only informative, but it is a challenge to be considered by the Church on earth today.

Price $5.00, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Canada.