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Food For The Flock

FFF 5:1 (Jan 1959)

Current Events

NEW YORK, U.S.A. Dr. Henry Van Dusen, President of Union Theological Seminary, in an address before a Church Convention held in Madison Square Gardens during the month of October, 1958, called upon Protestants to inaugurate a New Reformation.

In October, 1517, Dr. Martin Luther, Professor at Wittenberg, nailed his historic “Ninety-five Theses” to the door of Castle Church in that city. That courageous act eventually led to the light of the Reformation.

The spiritual illumination received by Luther from his study of the Holy Scriptures was reflected in his preaching. Luther grasped the essentials of the character of God, the mediatorial work of Christ, and the nature of faith as revealed in the New Testament.

Dr. Van Dusen eulogizes the force of Luther’s Reformation, but deplores its divisive influence that split the Christian Church (?) into two great branches.

The divine principles of justification by faith, liberty of conscience, salvation by blood, the inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures which formed the foundation of the Reformation now being disdained.

This modern “blind leader of the blind” calls for a New Reformation to undo the glorious Reformation of the 16th century by taking the Protestant Churches back into some kind of relationship with the Roman Church.

Another speaker at the convention declared that the “Coming Great Church” would be united, but would not necessarily require uniformity. What a foreshadow of that which is to come!

The Apostle John records, “I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration” (Rev, 17:1-7). Apostate Christendom will be thus headed up under the Papacy, but will be destroyed by the political power of the Revived Roman Empire.

* * *

DETROIT: Salk vaccine shots were so ignored in Detroit last summer that doctors and druggists had to return outdated supplies. An epidemic of such proportions made that city the worst polio spot in the U.S.A. Statistics showed 464 cases with at least 14 deaths. No one could plead ignorance or poverty; it was a matter of sheer neglect, a neglect that meant sorrow and bereavement in so many homes.

If neglect in things physical can result in tragedy, how much more will neglect result in eternal remorse when found in things spiritual. “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed and that without remedy.”