Book Review

Book Review

Living Reliantly — J. Allen Blair, Loiseaux Bros. Inc., New York, U.S.A.

An excellent exposition of the much beloved Psalm 23 which elucidates its meaning, stimulates meditation upon its contents, and refreshes the soul.

Each chapter deals with a separate clause of the poem, and presents some aspect of the shepherd ministry of the Lord Jesus toward His own. Moreover, each chapter contains words of counsel and warning.

The author graphically pictures our walk with the Great Shepherd from our first acquaintance with Him until we reach home, Heaven.

This little volume makes a splendid gift for any Christian ignorant of the ways of the Lord, or for any distressed by circumstances of life.

Price $2.00, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada.

Baptism, Into What Name? —William Agnew, Gospel Folio Press, Grand Rapids, U.S.A.

This paper covered booklet presents the work and exercise of William Agnew over a period of years. In it, he uses selected manuscripts and articles by eminent Bible scholars. These, he combines into one uniform treatise. The work deals with the manner of Christian baptism as set forth in the Holy Scriptures, and as expounded by those mentioned in the preface. It is concise, clear, and convincing, and should settle any reasonable question relative to the formula that should be used during the baptismal act.

Recommended to all who would know the ways of the Lord more perfectly.

Price 25 cents. Christian Book Room 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada.