Book Review

Book Review

Baptism, Johannes Warns — The Paternoster Press, London, England.

Here we have an extensive study in the doctrine of Christian baptism, a review of the different methods practised in the historical Church, and an examination of the ecclesiastical conflicts that have raged around this important ordinance.

The Foreword was written by Erich Sauer, the author of several most helpful volumes to Bible students. Although written originally in German, it has been translated into English by G. H. Lang.

It is a great pity that the holy ordinance of baptism has been modified, corrupted, and even abused throughout the centuries, but here is a reliable work that exposes the errors connected with this subject, and that presents the positive teaching of the Word of God regarding it.

The book, as a whole, is sound, sane, and logical; and, as usual in such works, there are several chapters which are of outstanding value, for they meet contemporary needs. Chapter 3, for instance, is such an one in that it deals with the matter of infant baptism.

The historical aspect of the volume is not to be underestimated for this enables one more clearly to grasp some of the difficulties which arise from traditional and denominational prejudices, and to accept some of the Scriptural solutions offered.

Recommended for all students of Christian doctrine.

Price $3.00, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor St. W., Toronto, Canada.