Book Review

Book Review

Life In A Look, Maurice Baldwin — Christian Book Room, Toronto, Canada.

Here is a spiritual classic upon the subject of the new birth. It was written for general reading by the late Bishop of Huron.

The four chapters treat such important matters as “The Necessity of the New Birth,” “The Nature of the New Birth,” “Regeneration — with Christ on the Cross,” and “Looking unto Jesus — growth in Grace.”

This booklet is an excellent help to any who may show an interest in personal salvation, for it is lucidly written. It is also a splendid doctrinal treatise, and answers a number of difficulties which, from time to time, arise in the younger Christians’ thoughts.

Price 35 cents, Christian Book Room 853 Bloor St. W. Toronto, Canada.

Godly Self Control, Dr. A. T. Pierson — Prairie Book Room, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada.

One is thankful to God for the re-appearance of this valuable little book. Its reprinting is most timely, because the standard of Christian ethics today is very very low.

Dr. Pierson, in his inimitable style, deals with that godly self-discipline that controls thoughts, words, and deeds, self-discipline that regulates conduct and companionship, habits and moods, purposes and relaxation,

This small volume is permeated with spiritual sagacity, with pastoral earnestness, and with both insight and foresight.

While one is greatly benefited by the reading of such a work as this, true lasting effects are the result of a diligent practising of the sane and scriptural principles found within its pages.

The control of our thoughts would result in greater inward peace and pleasure. The governing of our moods would preserve us from causing unnecessary offence toward others, and the proper regulation of our tongues would save us and others from much distress. We recommend a careful perusal of each page.

Price 50 cents, Christian Book Room, 853 Bloor Street W. Toronto, Canada.