Book Review

Book Review

The First Person: Dr. Lehman Strauss; Loizeaux Brothers, Neptune, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Here is a volume that is both doctrinal and devotional on the personality of God. It is lucidly written and its material is well organized. This work completes a series of three on the Holy Trinity. While Dr. Strauss has entitled them: The First Person, The Second Person and The Third Person, he does not infer that any one of the Divine Personalities is either superior or inferior to the others, much to the contrary.

The author emphasizes man’s need of God and God’s own divine nature. He also engages in a study of fifteen of the names of God. This last section of the book is very instructive and inspirational.

We recommend this work, especially because of its relevance to the present when men dishonour the Father as they dishonour the Son with their theory that God is dead.

Price: $3.75, from the Publishers.

The Lord And The Churches: J. M. Davies; Walterick Publishers, Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A.

The author of this volume presents truths which may be considered of vital importance today. While Christendom popularizes the ecumenical movement and hopes for one great united church, the devil fosters discord among the assemblies of God.

A wholesome and sane presentation of Church doctrine, if carefully perused will do much to defeat Satan’s evil influence and reconcile companies which have been estranged. We believe that this volume contributes to such a desirable end. We recommend this book to our readers.

Price: $3.50, from the Publishers.