Book Review

Book Review

Studies in Isaiah: F. G. Jennings; Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., Neptune, New Jersey.

Loizeaux Brothers are to be complimented for making this splendid volume again available to the Bible student.

No book in all the Old Testament Canon has suffered more at the hands of modern liberal critics than has this major prophecy. In his exposition, Mr. Jennings contended for what the Dead Sea Scrolls now confirm a single author, and that Isaiah himself.

Three printings of this excellent work were long ago sold out. We trust that this present one may find its way not to many library shelves but into many devout hands and hearts.

Although a verse by verse exposition, this book is lucidly and attractively written. We highly recommend it to the beginner as well as to more mature student of Holy Scripture.

Price: $5.95; Loizeaux Brothers, Inc., 238 Corlies Avenue, Neptune, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Pentecost and Today, Tongues and Healing: J. M. Davies; Walterick Publishers, Kansas City, Kansas.

In this small paper-covered book the author, through extensive biblical research and observation, reaches a sound and logical conclusion to the matter of tongues and healing. He examines the gift of tongues dispensationally, doctrinally, comparatively and governmentally.

We recommend a careful perusal of each chapter.

Price:$0.40; Walterick Publishers, Box 2216, Kansas City, Kansas, U.S.A.