Book Review

Book Review

How to Know God’s Will: Marion H. Nelson, M. D. Moody Press Chicago, Illinois.

Many have been looking for just such a book as this. While each Christian must determine what is God’s specific will for him, in this volume much good help and sound advice may be found. The author discusses different phases of the subject: What Is God’s Will, How Does God Make Known His Will? Prerequisites for Determining God’s Will, etc.

This book is worthy of careful reading and prayerful application.

Price, $2.75: Home Evangel Books Limited, 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.

Christian Marriage; W. F. Naismith: John Ritchie Ltd. 16-18 Sturrock Street, Kilmarnock, Scotland.

This treatise was originally given by the author to a large audience of young people in New Zealand. It deals with the purpose of marriage, its principle, some of its problems, the unequal yoke, the family altar, etc.

Its lucid style and attractive appearance make it suitable to give those contemplating marriage.

May be purchased directly from the Publishers or through Home Evangel Books Ltd. 23 Hobson Avenue, Toronto 16, Canada.